Buwekula County Rtd Major Joseph Kakooza Smart whose under pressure from his electorate.

The Electorate in Buwekula County Mubende district have resolved to petition their MP Rtd Major Joseph Kakooza Smart demanding an explanation from him on how he came to support the amendment of the constitution last week, yet they had reject it in all meetings that were held in the constituency.

Rtd Maj Joseph Kakooza was among the 370 MPs who supported the amendment of article 102(B) which deleted the presidential age limit in the 1995 Constitution, and also supported the extension of the Mps term of office from five to seven years starting with this 10th parliament.

The voters mostly from Kitenga Sub County, the biggest of the four sub counties in Buwekula attributed this to being greedy of economic gains, because none of the consultative meeting in Kitenga came up with support of amending this clause saying their MP betrayed them by misrepresenting the facts.

Member of Parliament from Mubende district all were in support of the bill with the exception of Hon Patrick Nsamba of Kassanda North, Hon Anthony Ssemmuli of Mubende Municipality and Hon Mbwatekamwa Louis Gaffa of Kasambya County who are expected to appear for the NRM Party disciplinary organ for disciplinary measures.

Speaking to the district Publicity Secretary Ssemango Stephen Kasozi, said that Mps had the right to stand by the majority Ugandans who were in centrally to the amendments and he says the party’s decision to call the Mps to disciplinary action is invalid, since the party does not own their decision on issues of national importance.



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Mubende catholic parish priest has appealed to leaders in Mubende district to act first about the increasing number of people that are being jailed over land wrangles.

Rev. Fr. Dr Mwerekande expressed this while celebrating the Christmas mass at our lady of Fatima parish church in Mubende municipality.


Fr. Mwerekande said that “during my interaction with the prisoners at Kaweeri prison I discovered that about 80% of the inmates in this prison have been implicated by land grabbers into land related case like assault and murder thus sending them into jail upon which they take over their land.”

Mwerekande added; “I feel it’s wrong for officials to come up with issues of multiple land titles which has in turn brought about the issues of conflict and people becoming refugees on their own land. The land commission should look into the matter before the situation gets out of hand.”

Mwerekande has therefore appealed to government and district officials to come up with a new strategy to help the inmates in prison especially those that are innocent so that they can receive a fair hearing through which they can attain the justice they deserve.



Maternal Mortality: 1,220 Mothers Out Of 100,000 Die Annually In Kabarole, Bungangabu.


edwaliloMaternal Mortality: 1,220 Mothers Out Of 100,000 Die Annually In Kabarole, Bungangabu

Kabarole and Bunyangabu districts have the highest Maternal Mortality rate according to a survey conducted by Goal Uganda in partnership with Kabarole Research and Resource Center KRC with funding from UK AID

Elizabeth Allen the Director GOAL Uganda reveals that the Survey dubbed “Accountability can Transform Health (ACT Health) “targeted households in Kabarole and Bunyangabu district in 12 months prior to data collection.

She said, “The findings indicated that out of the 100,000 mothers, 1,220 died during pregnancy, during labor or after birth. This is scaring”.

Allen explains that 3 deaths per 287 live births were recorded, something she said is alarming and needs stakeholders readdress.

She disclosed this during the district stakeholders’ information sharing for Accountability can transform health, at the district held quarters Kitumba on Friday.

Allen said, “ACT Health is a governance programme for the health designed to improve health service delivery, by strengthening accountability between the users of health services and the providers”.

edwalilo 2

“The survey also showed 57% of health workers were present, 8% used long term family planning contraceptives, 21% short term methods, 21% knows the Health Unit Management Committees (HUMCs) and only 21% said HUMCs had given them information,” She said.

Catherine Kemigabo the District Health says the findings are good and would help in intervening planning and responding. She says the survey focused on three issues of Responsibility, Responsiveness and Relationship and therefore called on the people to be responsible in access to services, drug utilization and the health workers to get committed to serving the community.

Dr.Richard Obet the District health Officer Bunyangabu noted that the maternal deaths are scaring said the researchers would have emphasized on the cause of the problem, analysis the significance and an action to be taken.

He asked the partners to engage government to invest more funding in the health sector since the districts are financially incapacitated.

Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard the District chairperson attributed the high mortality rate to mothers delay to seek care, delay to reach the health facility and delay to receiving services. He however called for mindset and team work to cover these gaps to have improved quality health care system in Kabarole and Bungangabu districts.

The chairman blamed the poor staff attendance at health centers to partners who have failed to coordinate when organizing capacity building seminars for the health staff noting that almost every week health in-charges are in workshops outside the district creating a huge gap.

The survey also looked at Family Planning, Maternal and Antenatal care, child immunization, drug stock outs, facility infrastructure and PHC Funding, community satisfaction and feedback, health workers and community relationships, quality of service provision and care.

The survey however lacked background, the cause and recommendations arousing mixed reactions from the stakeholders.

It was conducted in 16 districts country wide including Agago, Apac, Bukeddia, Bundibugyo, Gulu, Kabarole, Kagadi, Kakumiro, Katakwi, Kibaale, Kitgum, Lamwo, Lira, Manafa, Mubende, Nakaseke, Omoro, Pader and Tororo.



Pastor Samuel Kakande Pinned in Land Evictions in Mubende District.


IMG-20171210-WA0049Pastor Samuel Kakande Pinned in Land Evictions in Mubende District

Pastor Samuel Kakande of Synagogue Church of All Nations Ministries in Mulago is in for it after being pinned by residents for acquiring land falsely and trying to evict them for a Rice Growing Scheme.

Pastor Samuel Kakande is said to have obtained land titles and encumbered land amounting to 26 Square miles in Mannyogasseka and Kiganda Sub Counties in Mubende district, where over 20,000 locals have stayed for close to 100 years.

The titles which this website has obtained copies are in two ownerships of Mechanized Agro (U) Limited and Pride Chick (U) Limited each sharing 13 of the 26 Square miles in Kassanda South, Mubende district which Pastor Samuel Kakande is said to be the chief share holder in both companies.


The two companies whose registration was attained on 11th June 2009 being cited in the eviction of these Mubende residents are said to be in a joint ownership of Pr Samuel Kakande who owns 20%, Jonathan Byabasaija 15%, John Muwanguzi 15%, and Eva Nakatudde 5%, Joy Male 5% with 40% of the shares not claimed for as per the documents seen by this website.

The residents have accused both Mubende district land board and the Uganda land commission for conflict of interest, since they applied and took necessary measures for them to be considered for land titles but all was a unfruitful, but it is to their surprise that the pastor acquired titles on the land yet the first priority was to be given to the seating tenants as the law says.

“We have engaged all agencies seeking for land titles on our land and some of us have paid ground rent “Busuulu” but we were not given audience. This alone is a clear testimony of what is going to happen to the rest of the country if parliament ascents to the amendment of article 26 of the land act of compulsory acquisition of land, if private and local investors have the powers to get titles even without the commission does the visibility study to ascertain the facts of the land, we don’t know what will happen when the amendment is passed” The angry resident lamented.

The Sub County Chairperson Tandeka Jotham during a consultative meeting convened by the Mubende district resident Commissioner Evelyn Tinkamalirwe, the area MP Simeo Nsubuga and the acting District police Commander Charles Magoola, said both land agencies did not engage them during the title process, calling for a thorough audit into how the man of God and his co-proprietors acquired these titles pinning government of connivance with land grabbers.

These sub counties which have for long suffered problems related to health and education, they are set to suffer more since schools and health centers are within the catchment areas.

The Mubende Resident Commissioner Evelyn Tinkamalirwe said they are to have kick started an inquiry into these land titles and threatened to have them cancelled if the pastor failed to take legal procedures during the process.



Mubende District Political Wing Connive with Land Grabbers to Sell off Government land.


Mubende District Political Wing Connive with Land Grabbers to Sell off Government land.

Land grabbers have gained support from police to help them take over part of government institutions’ land in Mubende district which is yet to pose another threat to locals in their quest for health service delivery from government entities.

The land that is under contention by locals blocking the private developer accommodates Kibalinga Health Center III in Kibalinga Sub County, Mubende district and this is creating mixed reactions from different divides both locals and the political wing in the sub County.

According to reliable sources, the embattled land is at plot 242/243 block 199 in Buwekula totaling to 10 acres but the sub county chairperson Mr Mbonye Venancious and the some high ranking politicians at the district including the chairman LCV connived and gave away this land to Mubende Maize Milling Company Limited to construct a maize milling marchine, at Mubende-Fort Portal main high way.


Police is currently heavily deployed fully armed following threats from locals vowing to burn excavators and tractors and cause injury in defense for this land which they said was acquired using tax payer’s money.

Speaking to Mubende district police commander ASP Patrick Byaruhanga, confirmed the deployment and said it was after a call from the sub county chairperson to offer security to the investor who is curing out bush clearing for him to start work, and re-affirmed the need to have this land developed as council passed it for the benefit of the community.

However, councilors who are objected to this said their sub county boss took advantage of the ongoing health workers industrial action to sell the land with support from political high ranking officials at Mubende district headquarters insisting theat was enforcing lawful council decision. Mulimira Pension a clinical officer at this facility said this is going to pose them a huge threat to them saying even health workers’ houses are yet to be demolished since they fall under the catchment area.

Kibalinga Health Centre III receives over 200 patients a day from in and outside the sub county, and it’s where most of Mubende Fort Portal road are first referred for emergencies before referral is mad to Mubende regional referral hospital.

Wrangles escalate in Mubende, as the Age-limit debate takes course.

Wrangles escalate in Mubende, as the Age-limit debate takes course.

Mubende district NRM Councillors have disagreed with their Mps over the move to lift the presidential age bracket as enshrined in article 102(b) of the 1995 Constitution.

The angry Councillors during a hated meeting at Kasenyi Church Hall in Mubende town, they accused these Mps who included the state minister for Kampala Hon Benny Namugwanya Bugembe for connivance and silencing their contributions towards this important close which is yet to determine Uganda’s political destiny.

The Councillor representing Kiyuni Sub County Nangonzi Teddy said, party members in Mubende are currently disturbed by the way government enforce Hon Evelyn Anite’s prophesy of using the army in the age limit drive as it was witnessed in the august house on Wednesday when special forces command was deployed in parliament to eliminate suspended MPS from proceedings.

Katumba Godffrey from Nyanzi Sub County said, NRM has got a succession political equation which all Ugandans are watching.

The Councillors resolved that the party should constitute a constitutional review commission to seek contribution from the part membership.

The woman MP for Mubende who doubles at the state minister for Kampala Hon Benny Namugwanya Bugembe said the deployment at parliament was legal and the speaker had the mandate to call for extra force for business to commence in the House.

The district party membership anonymously resolved to abstain the amendments, but instead subject the mater to a review commission.


Buyaga West legislator escapes arrest

Buyaga West legislator escapes arrest

Kagadi District Police Commander Remeo Ojera Oneck yesterday led an unsuccessful attempt to arrest the Buyaga West Mp in Kagadi district, Hon Barnabas Tinkasimire.

The MP escaped a security cordon along Muhorro-Kagadi road where police officers awaited to curtail him from travelling to Burora sub-county in his constituency to meet residents on land related matters.

MP Tinkasiimire traveled from Kampala to listen to his constituents’ concerns about a Kampala based tycoon named as Fausitina Ntambala who locals accuse of grabbing their land.

Police had earlier said that they suspected the MP was disguising the meeting and only planning to launch the so called kogikyatako campaign, which opposes the amendment the Article 102 of the constitution.

The lurking police officers however, where stunned on intercepting Tinkasimiire’s car, to find that it was being driven by a local councilor representing Muhooro sub county, Medard Ahumuza.

They searched the car and there was no one else.

The Member of Parliament, after beating the police, successfully convened the meeting with the residents, where he bragged about outwitting the police officers.

Tinkasiimire Barnabas is among the 25 Mps who were suspected by the Speaker on Wednesday for misconduct in the parliament.

They are opposing the amendment of article 102 b to lift the presidential age limit in the constitution.