Four people have been arrested and charged of murder in the Mubende chief magistrate’s court. The four are accused of killing a prominent Mubende trader Emmanuel Ssenyondo, who wasn’t hacked to death on Christmas day at night.

Ssenyondo according to persecution was brutally murdered as he returned home at around 10 pm on Christmas at Kangulumira village, in Bageza Sub County Mubende district.

That night, the police launched investigations and two days later, they arrested Stephen Lwegaba, the farther to the deceased.

A few days ago, police also arrested three other people in connection with this murder. These include a twenty year old man, Jonan Mbagambisa, Peretison Bisherurwa and Federeko Tukamushaba, all residents of Kangulumira village.

Appearing before the grade one magistrate Wilson Wandera, the four were all charged with murder and remanded to Kaweeri prison until the 29 of January when they will return to court for mention.


Sources however said that Ssenyondo had been in a prolonged land wrangle with his farther Lwegaba, as the farther wanted to divorce his wife and sell off the land, which the deceased resisted.

Lwegaba is believed to have hired Mbagambisa to kill Ssenyondo, and in the act, he was aided by Tukamushaba and Bisherurwa.



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