2010 NRM Primaries’ Victims is a pressure group of NRM Party members who participated as candidates for the Parliamentary and L.C 5 chairpersons in the 2010 NRM Primary elections and lost.
We are advocates of free and fair elections and we seek to avert a repeat of the sham elections of 2010 and we speak for and on behalf of thousands of our colleagues in NRM who stood at various levels of 2010 primaries.
Contesting in these party elections had everything to do with losing jobs, burning resources and spending valuable time for the cause of the party, which cause, we have remained consistently and persistently upholding.
Unfortunately these primaries were characterized by the highest level of malpractices ever witnessed in the history of Uganda.
As a result, the party leadership appointed Prof. Mushemeza’s Tribunal and later Alhaji Kigongo Commission to look into the wrongs in the process, the findings and recommendations of which, have never been availed to us the victims todate.
Even in the subsequent meetings of NRM party Organs: the Caucus Retreats, the National Delegates Conference, National Executive Committee, Central Executive Committee, nothing related to the sham elections of 2010, if ever discussed, has ever been officially communicated to us.
While we appreciate the efforts so far made to reconstitute NRM Electoral Commission, issues of assurances that the forthcoming primaries will be free and fair are still farfetched, as matters of the electoral roadmap and voter register are yet to be resolved.
We have therefore decided to mobilize all the 2010 NRM parliamentary and LC V Chairperson Victims nationwide, on behalf of other lower level positions, to converge for a Conference on Friday 13th, March 2015 to deliberate and chart a way forward on the forthcoming NRM primary elections. The conference details will be communicated to all later.


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