With just a few days left to the registration exercise of Ugandans above the age of 16 years, Internal affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima has assured Ugandans that the Identity cards to be issued will never be forged.

Nyakairima said the government is using modern technology, which cannot be easily accessed by everyone who would try to forge the cards.

“People on Kampala streets are always involved in dubious deals, forging certificates, cards and everything, but I assure you, the kind of card we are to issue will not be faked,” he said.

He was speaking at Enro Hotel in Mityana, where he addressed leaders from different clusters on the upcoming project of the registration and issuing of national identity cards.

Nyakairima called upon religious leaders and politicians to fully support the government by mobilizing their people to be involved in the exercise. He said the exercise will be a success if all parties get fully involved.

He further noted that, if the project is completed, the new Ids will help to improve the election processes as the card may act as a voters’ ticket.

The meeting was attended by politicians, local leaders, security officials and religious leaders from the districts of Mpigi, Mityana, Mubende, Butambala, Gomba and Kyegegwa.

Deborah Amanya, legal officers in the ministry of Internal affairs noted that, the high number of refugees who are still flocking the country is still a challenge to the project.

She advised that local leaders and all the officials involved in the registration exercise should follow the laws to scrutinize and ensure who is supposed to be registered and receive and Identity cards.


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