President Yoweri Museveni has described the Uganda Peoples Defense Force disabled soldiers’ policy as the best in the world, assuring the soldiers that the force has more plans to further improve their lives in the future.
The president noted that even most sounding armies in the world do not have good policies to cater for the disabled soldiers, like the UPDF does.
He was on Wednesday speaking at the ceremony to commission a multi million UPDF Orthopedic workshop, at the Chieftainance of Mubende rehabilitation centre (CMRC barracks) in Mubende.
The workshop produces modern artificial limbs, for the soldiers who get injured and looses their parts of the body during the war.
Museveni said the workshop is a great achievement for the UPDf, noting that more projects will come in the near future.
“I ordered to have this rehabilitation centre because I did not want to abandon the injured. If you wan o have brave soldiers, you not abandon the injured and the dead, because it may fright the rest,” Museveni noted.
“Iam happy that now our disabled soldiers can live a better life here. We have land where you can cultivate and get addition income. I am happy o here about he different projects here,” he added.
He said though the children of soldiers have been getting free education primary, secondary and technical colleges, plans are under way to support them continue up o the University.
“The only challenge was how to go about it, but I introduced this proposal to the army council and high command to handle it. Soon, we shall have a best formula of supporting my ‘grandchildren’ at he university level,” he said as the rest of the soldiers, their wives and children clapped.
President Museveni said he was happy that most of the soldiers were still cabled of serving though were disabled, recalling a few times when they have been deployed.
The rehabilitation centre handles soldiers who get injuries especially during the war.
For those who loose their pars of the body like he legs and hands, they can now get artificial limbs from the newly opened Orthopedic workshop.
The prophetics are currently being produced with support from African medical Assistance (AMA) who are giving technical support to the UPDF.
Maj John Kasigaireho, the director of the rehabilitation center said over 186 prophestic were produced last year, which represents 72 % of what they needed.
He noted that being the beginning, this was a great number and were hopefull that more will be produced.
Gen Katumba Wamala noted that, the workshop is the biggest and most modern in the East African region. “We hope we shall even be able to support the civilians who get injured during the accidents,” he said.
Also in the barracks is a metal fabrication workshop, tailoring and carpentry where soldiers produce modern items.
Katumba Wamala said the rest of the soldiers, their wives and children are involved in agricultural practices. He said though he soldiers were involved in a number of social and economic activities, they still had a challenge of lack of transport to carry heir products to markets, a tractor to engage on commercial farming and finacial boost in their savings scheme.
In his response, president Museveni offered a double cabin pick up to the barracks, to support hem in transportation. He also promised to send two modern tractors, to support them engage in modern commercial agricultural practices.
He president also donated thirty million shillings to the saving scheme – Kawadisa Sacco to further boost the member.
Present were state minister for ICT Nyombi Thembo, Mubende district woman member of parliament also the chairperson of the defense committee in parliament Benny Bugembe, and Mubende district leaders.

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