Eyes Locked for a Second: Strangers, Trains, and Travel

Nice day

Wonder Sonder

Kuasha on the train window Kuasha on the train window in Bangladesh

The young Asian-American poet Shinji Moon once wrote, “You will fall in love with train rides and sooner or later nowhere will feel like home anymore.”

How much do strangers matter, especially when we are on the move? Why is it that we are more likely to speak with strangers we travel with, but not those we see every day. I have had several memorable train rides, particularly when I’ve been open to conversation. Of course, some are better left forgotten, like that one time that a man was staring at me until I found out he had upgraded himself on a lower class ticket, and sent him packing to where he came back from. But those are extreme circumstances, and I often find that I have had a longing for trains in a manner that is most baffling, as they have often…

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