Over 30,000 people from 13000 that were evicted from Kiboga district and forced to relocated to Mubende are prone to dying of hunger, coupled with outbreak several diseases following the poor state there in due to over congestion.

Kayinda Uhusiye the chairman in charge of the evicted community explained that they were sent packing form Ruhunga village in Kiboga district by the forest company after which they were promised to be compensated with land equivalent to what they owned plus food in Bukompe village in Nalutuntu sub county in Mubende district.

Kayinda explained that they were promised to be compensated with land equivalent to 780 hectares but they have only been availed with 100 hectares in Bukompe village which has lead to congestion in this area.

Drawn in pain and misery members of this community explained that day by day more challenges come their way among hunger and malnutrion and hunger that might lead to death, fear for outbreak of several diseases like diahorrea ,cholera dysentery, lack of water, most  families are congested in small tents and sleep in the cold and also lack proper medical care due to lack of hospitals in this area.

According to the area Kansala for Nalutuntu sub county  at the district level Kagaba Erick explains that he has already  filed a report  that explains the difficulty  and the danger this community is facing but ever since then has not received any feedback.

30,000 people were Evicted from they Land when New Forest Company wanted to plant the tree on they land after the company promised to buy land acres 1750 but after eviction land which was available was 100 acres only people also are saying no Schools, Hospitals, Roads and Food  yet all these were promised to cater but all people are lacking what to eat.anna maria munkusi agamba nti alina abaana kumi era nga ye ne bba bonna basula mu tundubale limu tebalina kya kulya yadde okwebika enyumba eziri mu kitundu kino. ezimu ku nyumba abantu bano mwe basula ezimu ku nyumba abantu bano mwe basula kayinda sentebe we kibinja ekyasengulwa munkusi ne famire ye owomugisha sarah agamba nti embeera gye balimu eyingula amaziga kubanga bolekedde okulwala endwadde no kutondoka enjala . scovia nalumansi agamba nti mukiseera kino abaana okumulwalira olwokufuyibwa empewo , talina kyakubalisa era nga bali kubwakatonda tumusabe simoni agamba nti babalessa amayumba gabwe saako ne nimiro nga babasubiza okubasengula okubaza kuttaka eddala kyoka kati bali kumugoteka nga tebalina na kyakulya yadde.

Our effort to reach the forest company responsible for evicting these people has fallen on deaf ear after their failure to pick their phones


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