ejambiya, akambe ne bialala ebibadde biganda okukozesebwa oku saddaka Nanyanzi

ejambiya, akambe ne bialala ebibadde biganda okukozesebwa oku saddaka Nanyanzi_1

mannyi buyinza ne banne abakwatiddwa

Nanyanzi ku nyumba we bamuwambidde

Nanyanzi nga alaga police enyumba mwe bamuwambidde


ocid Allan Twishimwe

omusawo mannyi buyinza( musaati enjeru), Saaka ne Natama ku police e mubende

senkusu zadeck agamba mu butufu wabeerewo ekiolebwa mu bwangu kubanga omuntu omu tasobola kutulugunyizibwa mu mbeera eno

A prominate witch doctor in Mubende has been arrested over kidnapping and gang raping 15 year old after which they tried to sacrifice her

According to the OCID Mubende police station Allan Twishimwe these in police custody include Matovu Charles commonly known as Mannyi Buyinza who is the owner of the shrine located in Kasenyi Caletex in Mubende Town Council in Mubende district , Tadeo Saaka and Natama James while 2 more are still on the run.

According to Nanyanzi Teopista a 15 year old she was kidnapped on her way back home, grabbed her and through her in a white car and drove her off to un known destination, on reaching the house the witch doctor Matovu forced her to have sex with him and after which he ordered his four to do the same who gang rapped her in turns till morning.

Nanyanzi who is full of bruises on her face and body added that She was then locked in one of the rooms during the day till evening , They then forced Nanyanzi into the shrine where a sharp panga, knife, and bark cloth had been arranged and ordered her to sit down as they discussed on how their gods had longed for blood from a young a lady of her size ,shape and cloth.

Nanyanzi explained that she managed to convice these people who wera smoking pipes that she wanted to go and ease her self of which she used as an escape route out of this place to reach the police. Ono reaching the police Matovu and his two collegues who followed nanyanzi as she ran police filed acomplaint of how his girlfriend had stolen his money worth 1 million shillings. Nanyanzi claims that he has never met any of these men and she has never stolen any money from them.

OCID Twishimwe Allan these people will be charged with kidnap , child abduction and rape while investigations about the case and two people on the run is going on


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