Tulyakye Justus chairman lc 1

police putting kakyekero's body onto their car

police nga yekeneya omulabo gwa kakayekero

police checking kakayekero's body as residents in this area look on

Kibesigira  David

Allen Tuhimbise  wife to the deceased

Shock has befallen residents of Kalagala village in Mubende after the discovery of the dead body for their collogue lying in a pool of blood with his head shattered into pieces.

According to the chairman lc1 of Kalagala village in Bageza sub county in Mubende district Tulyakye Justus the deceased is by the names of Kakayekero Bernard who was a resident of this area.

Tulyake explained that Kakyekero,s body was found lying in middle of the road from Mubende to Kalagala village and is its alleged that a group of thugs attacked him on his way back home , hit him on the head and the chest using the bricks and due to the much blood lost he was found dead

Tulyekye further added that there is no clear reason as to why this man was killed , because he was no all that wealthy, nor land wringles matters have been handled to police for investigation.

Allen Tuhimbise who is a wife to the deceased explained that she last so her husband yesterday at around 5:00 in the evening who informed her that he had gone to their market. She waited for till morning to her surprise she received a call from a friend that her husband was lying in the middle of the road dead.

Detective Kibesigira David from police has advised people in this area to always be on the alert on the suspious people in the community and always report people whom they suspect or have a crew about that various crimes in this area so as to help police net them down these victims

Kakyekero’s body has been are taken to Mubende regional referral hospital for postmortem while investigations are still going on.


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