Nasumba who was defiled

Saazi Luuka and her daughter Nakasumba who was defiled by tha traditional healer

tusabe sarah wife to Alisingula

A traditional healer in Mubende has been caught red handed having sex
with a three year old claiming that he is compensating for the money
he is demanding from her parents after them save them from the hard
ship of being childless

Alisingula Rajab commonly known Jajja Nkonge operates in Kasambya
village in Bagezza subcounty in Mubende district is alleged that he
was caught naked in bed on top of a three year old Nakasumba Josephine
half asleep.

The OCID Mubende police station Allan Twishimwe explained that they
acquire this information from the wife of Alisingula Rajab the
traditional healer Tusabe Sarah who explained that she was shocked
when she entered the house and found her husband naked on top of
Nakasumba who was also naked and ran to the neighbors who helped her
to call the police that arrested Alisingula .

Alisingula explained that he had taken a lot of time demanding a sum
of 12,7000 shs from the girl’s parents and yet there was no way or
sign of paying him so decided to take this revenge on their daughter

Saazi luuka who is the father to Nakasumba Josephine 3 who was defiled
explained that they were to desperate to have a child and turned to
the traditional healer who helped the get a baby after which they
tried to pay in installments and were left with a balance of 127000
and its when alisingula came home and picked Nabasumba claiming that
until when they finish his money but to their surprise he ended up
using their 3 year old daughter for sex as payment.

OCID Allan Twishimwe added that Alisingula will be charged with child
abduction and defilement while investigations are going on.


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