A 36 year old fugitive that knocked dead a traffic police officer in Mubende has been arrested over murder.

Birungi Pascal who is a resident of Kasaana village in Mubende town council in Mubende district committed this offence on the 28/Jan/ 2014 when he knocked the police officer and ran off.

According to the district police commander Akena Moses the deceased officer is by the names of Nungiye Cissy who was on duty along Kabalega road in Mubende town council when Birungi knocked her down and turned on then reverse gear and crashing her bones and body into pieces and later on took off.

Akena added that from then police has been on the hunt for Birungi but in vain.

Birungi explained that its true that he knocked this police officer but it was no intentional as every one claimed ,he was just trying to overtake a motorcycle when a fast running primo came in and he lost his control ending up knocking the police officer.

Akena explained that Birungi is going to be charged with an offence of murder because most people were at the scene clearly explained that he intentionally wanted to kill the police officer by reversing back to finish her off.

DPC Akena showing off the car that knocked the police pfficer


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