student closing the main road to the institution

student showing of the poridge  that is infested with insects

the principal abukenya addressing the students


Normal business routine has come to stand still when 1000 students at Mubende National Teachers Institute closed all roads to the institutions and holding banners over power and food.

Students explained that this strike was sparked off by the power blackout for two weeks, lack of water supply, food that has been infected by insects and poor administration.

Students added that they have tried all several avenues to express their grievances but all in vain and opted for a strike to raise the awareness to the top management

Sentamu James and Mayanja Robert who are student at Mubende National Teachers institute explained that its really alarming that in this era people eat posh and beans that is infected with insect yet the administration claims to have hired a well trained cook, power black out for two weeks and lack of water supply for the institution.

Nalweyiso immy who is also a student added that their halls of residence are infected with bedbugs ,jiggers and fleas that puts their lives at risk yet the beds are also wood and keep on shaking , poor administration system where they failed to provide them facilitation to hold women’s day celebration and failure to handle grievances carried forward to the management

The principal of Mubende National Teachers institute explained that most of the issues raised by the student are beyond the institutions budget like the accusation of a generator as an alternative which is too expensive yet the transformer got spoiled there is nothing she can do about it.

Nabukenya has assured the students that she is going to improve on the meal as well as provide fumigation services to halls of residence and has urged students to always forward grievances to the offices holding a strike is not as solution.

Police from Mubende was called to intervene and prevent the students from destroying the institutions’ property.


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