addumira police ye mubende akena moses

abatuuze abe mulugunya ku police  engeri gyebayisa mu

semasitiyani turahebwa  sentebe abatuuze gwe balumiriza okwekobana ne police okubatulugunya

muwonge atambulira ku muggo

katamba scovia agamba abakulu batutaase ku mbeera eno tetukaya sobola na kwogera mazima lwo kutya okutukwata

kakooza vicent amyuka sentebe

Residents of kamalenge village in mubende district have called upon general kale kayihura to intervine in matters over claims that police in this area is over mistreating people and threatening to kill them when they talk about the criminals.

Residents that are being led by their parish chairman ddumba vicent, muwonge vicent ,kenyana grace , musaasizi anthony, saali eliya , kakooza vicent explained that they no longer can’t handle this situation are planning to vacate the village and relocate to somewhere else .

Muwonge vicent who is moving on cruches explained that he was seriously buttered by police officers at Manyogaseeka police post in Manyogaseeka subcounty in Mubende district leaving his leg crippled ,hands fractured serious chest pain when he had taken an 8 months baby at the police post to be breast fed by her mother who had been arrested . Muwonge added that one of the police officers only identified as byaruhanga pointed agun and threatened to kill him in case he reveals anything that happened.

Kenyange Grace also explained that police officer in this area handle them as if they are terrorists where they even refuse them to breast fed their babies when they are taken to police.

Kanyanage added that despite their chairman for lwenyage village Semasitiyani Turahebwa being present when these people are being mistreated he real does nothing to help which clearly confirms that he maybe part of deal to touch them

Kakooza vicent explained that they are fed up of the police officer who only pay attention to case where they have received bribes from criminals who they leave to walk freely and cites an example of Muchunguzi Vicent who set Antoli Ayebazibwe ablaze with petrol but ever since then he is seen moving freely yet they informed the police.

According to Mubende police station Akena Moses has condemned activites of touching suspect and claimed that he was not aware of what was happening as regards this situation but he is going to carry out investigations


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