abamu ku balumiziddwa nga batusibwa mu ddwaliro e mubende

abamu ku bamenyese amagulu mu ddwaliro ekulu e mubende

kizito sam

ebimu ku bitundu byo mubiri nga ebya wandagadde

omulambo gwa seki wakati mu kubbo

police nga eteeka emirambo gya bafudde mu buveera

sensumbi kizza

zziwa sentongo

Two people have died and 4 rushed to Mubende regional referral hospital with fractured hands and legs after getting involved in an accident.

The deceased has been identified as Seki while the other had no identification card who are market vendors from Mityana district who were travelling from a market in Mubende

This accident occurred at Bakijulula village in Mubende town council Mubende district along Mubende Kampala high way claiming lives of two people while those that survived with serious injuries have been admitted to Mubende regional referral hospital who include Wasswa Edison from Mityana ,Ambrose Kibuuka,Herman Sendawula ne Vicent Bayega.

Various body parts for example the fractured legs, hands and the liver where found scattered on the road after the car in which the market vendors were travelling in crushed with a trailer and the bodies of the two were gathered in sacks and taken to Mubende regional hospital for post-mortem

According to those that were on the scene this accident was caused the driver for the market vendors who was driving at a high speed when his brakes failed to apply and ended up colliding with a trailer.


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