DPP LAUNCHES CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMomubaka wa government e mubende Florence Beyunga sabawabi wa government Mike Chibita nga ayogera Chibita nga anonyola abamu ku betabye mu lukiiko

The director for public prosecution Mike Chibita has launched a new safe case management security system to help fight corruption as well as reduce the loss of files in transit in this sector.

Chibita while at prime rose hotel in Mubende explained that this case management system will help reduce the transfer of files from other areas like Mubende to headquarters in Nakawa that some times leads to lose of files due to corruption ,this will help monitor these files through a net worked computer system thus easily to handles.

Chibita has also cautioned the police over detaining suspected over the stipulated time of 24 hours thus denying them their  justice. Chibita has also cautioned judges to be careful of the people who are not part of their staff that always keep around them because they are the ones that pickup these bribes and pretend to coordinate with them thus tarnishing their names.

According to the report by the resident district commissioner Florence Beyunga she expressed that as the chairman for security committee in Mubende they are on tension over the increasing number of crime rates, due to high migrant level from other destinations that is alleged some of these people might have been criminal contributing to this rampant increase.

Beyunga added that Mubende still lacks a permanent doctor in the police  field   to help check the victims and the offenders that most cases limits justice due to lack of enough evidence.

Beyunga has also asked asked government to provide them with a rehabilitation home in Mubende to help save these children learning bad behaviours from the adults with whom they are Imprisoned with.


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