16 ARRESTED OVER THEFT.abakwatiddwa abavubuka abakwatiddwa ku police Anna Maria Nasanga Arikenyera Patrick arrested people while at police Sarah Kobusingye

Police in Mubende has arrested 16 people that are alleged to have broken into shops, homes stealing goods worth millions of shillings terrorizing people in this area.

According to the oc station for highway police post Wanyala Wilson these people were arrested after claims from various people that had been robbed of their property during the night.

These people were arrested after a raid during the night and those nabbed include Makumbi Deo, Matovu Francis, Tibesigwa Fred ,Kalungi Amos, Nayitulikye Bosco, Nkalubo Emmanuel ,Ngeto Vicent, Kaulngi Godfrey, Lubega Andrew ,Sekyanzi Robert, Katongole Bosco, Lwanga Charles, Kigeya Derrick, Muhanguzi Moses, Wandera Andrew and Kato Fred.

It was Due to the too much rain that these people   managed to climb onto the roof tops, cutting the iron sheets and falling into the houses thus taking off the goods.

The owner of the shops that were robbed explained that goods the stolen  included crates of beer ,cell phones, mattresses, woollen carpets, television sets, DVD players and cash that over 2 million shillings.

Wanyala added that these people will be taken to court over  cases of theft.


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