abamu ku betabye mu lukiikosabawabi wa government Mike Chibita nga ayogera

The rampant increase in the number of prisoners  at Muyinayina government prison  of which the highest number are the youth has raised tension among the security committee in Mubende and something has to be done before it runs out of control.

Karugaba Vicent who is the in charge of Muyinayina Farm Prison explained this prison is full of inmates to a total of 470.

Karugaba added that Muyinayinya prison farm was constructed to accommodate only 240 inmates but the rampant increase in the total number of inmates is quite alarming and its too congested.

He further mentioned that most the inmates are in the youth stage and have the energy to escape due to the fact that no one is

Karugaba explained that they are facing another problem is the distance of 40 kilometres they move from Muyinayina prison to Mubende for court sessions that puts the lives of prison wardens at a risk of killing then while trying to escape.


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