abatuuze mu lukiikonatongo mariammusoki phionalukenge agambibwa okuleeta amayembekiwalabye johnomu kubayizi nakwombe hanifa akwatiddwa ekilwaddekigozi hamiduallan twishimwe akulira okunonyereza ku buzzi misango.26 PUPILS ATTACKED BYA STRANGE ILLNESS

Over 26 pupils of Nakwala Primary School in Mubende have been attacked by a strange illness leaving them in critical condition.

These pupils have been attacked by this illness posess these signs like loss appetite for food, fall and roll in the dust, speak in strange tongues ,feel dizziness, run and wander around the school compund aimlessly.

This has called for an abrupt meeting with district leader to find out the root cause of this strange illness among the pupils of Nakwala Primary School.

One of the parents who is also the kansala for Nakwala  parish at Kasambya Subcounty Kiwalabye John explained that he is worried of the lives the sick pupils  and the school is likely to be closed after the reduction in the number of students for fear of being infected with this illness.

The headmaster for Nakwala Primary School Kitunzi Amiss explained that the situation at school is alarming where by pupils are possessed have turned into problem running  out of the classrooms and  rushing into the road while others  want to drown themselves into the river thus putting their lives at risk.

Residents in this meeting pin pointed three members who include Lukenge Saidi who is a teacher at Nakwala Primary School ,Nsubuga Abdul and  Haji Wassawa   that are alleged to have placed  witch craft around the school premises in search for wealth that are currently attacking the pupils.

The OCID for Mubende police station Allan Twishimwe has advised these people to avoid mob justice as investigations are being carried out.


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