Tension and panic raised in court in ATIM FLORENCE OMWANA WA ATHIRE EYABIBWA ATUHIRE AGAMBIBWA OKUBIBWAKO OMWANA Habumukisa George  taata wo omwana MBABAZI MUKAGULI KA COURT MBABAZI NGA ALAJANA MBABAZI NGA ATEREDDWA WABERU WA COURT MBABAZI NGA AZIRISE MU COURT owa polisi nga awujja mbabaziMubende after a woman who is suspected to have kidnapped a three years  daughter collapses in court for over 30 minutes.

Mbabazi Juliet noru 23 collapse comes after being read the charges of kidnapping  a three years daughter in court before  Grade II magistrate Wandera Willison

According to the evidence presented in court its alleged that on 23/dec/2014 Mbabazi Juliet who is aresident of kitebi ,rubaga,kamapala kidnapped Atim Florence from Kabamba military academy in Mubende district.

Immediately after hearing this evidence mbabazi collapsed arising tension and panic in the  court thus bring the court to a standstill to find a solution to this problem.

Atuhire Barbara explained that she had visited he husband Odochi Bosco who is a soldier in Kabamba military academy when her daughter Atim Forence ran outside to play but failed to return home till evening ,they filled a case at kasambya police post.

Atuhire explained that she managed to located her daughter after receiving a call from her sister who stays in Kitebi ,Rubaga of how she had seen the lost child at the neighbours home.

Mbabazi explained that she produced  her daughter on the 23/jan/2014 and named her Niragahirwa Joyce who speaks in luganda no English and swahiri as Atuhire claims her lost child to speak.

Mbabazi further added that she has never reached Mubende  all her life its witnessed by  her husband Habumukisa George and her neighbours who saw pregnant and deliver her baby.

The grade ii magistrate wandera willison has ordered these two parties to undergo  a DNA test to clarify the true mother of the baby while the baby has been held  custody by the court


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