obo being taken by IGG officers muwonge gordon
The office the Inspectorate of government has arrested a state
attorney attached to Mubende court over soliciting a bribe worth Shs
500.000 from a suspect who was arrested a few weeks ago on allegations
of murder.
Obo Patrick was caught red-handed with the sum of money which he had
received from one Gordon Muwonge a resident of Musaba in Myanzi Sub
County in Mubende district. Muwonge was arrested by police to aid its
investigations after a dead body was found in his compound last month,
which he say was dumped by unknown thugs.
It is said the State Attorney Obo Patrick sanctioned the file to his
office and on Muwonge’s appearance Obo asked for a bribe worth Shs
500.000 which prompted him to petition the inspector general of
government who sent a team led by Beinomigisha Lauben and finally
arrested him shortly after receiving the bribe.


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