The rdc of mubende district bhad to collect pastors to Nakawala village, kasambya county to pray for innocent primary pupils of Nakawala primary school that have taken long under possession of demons alleged to have been planted by Lukenge Saidi, a teacher of the same school within the locality.

Parents and residents claim Saidi(the on in a coart sitting down) planted the demons to overcome a transfer  though he claims his intentions was to be welloff having attained riches. He has spent about a month under police custody topn protect him from angry residents as investigations go on but according to the possessed pupils he was necessary to be availed so that satan could be cast out of the pupils.

The rdc mrs Florence beyunga together with a team of pastors amid tight security had to move to Nakawala primary school to uclear the place so that the pupils can resume studies who had taken a weeks break as the situation calmed.

Among the pupils affected is Kiwalyanga wahab(the one in a blue t.shirt and grey pair of shorts), Nabukeera zaine(the one running in a white dress),Namugerwa shamim(the one in a black top and grey pink pants) and Nakigozi hanifa( the one in the blue sweater and blue +skirt school uniform)

Security was beefed up at the scene with the help of soldiers from Kabamba barracks as  prayers went on and at the end of the day the affected pupils had be transferred to Mubende regional referral hospital for medical check up amid protests from residents who claimed its only Mama Fina(the president of traditional healers in Uganda) to solve the situation.

According to the headmaster of the school mr.Kitunzi Hamiis said the school had been closed due to fear and many parents drawing away kids from the school because of the many pupils who were falling sick because of the demons planted by his teacher Lukenge Saidi but casted hopes of opening the school soon because the pupils are missing a lot.

The chairperson board of governors of the school mr.Nsubuga abdul said he is confident change has been realized at school and called on the parents to bring back the pupils for learning to resume


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