Residents of kyampiisi lc1, kangunguri and bweyendere mubende district have put up a demonstration complaining of the poor service delivery extended to them by the locals and central government at large.

they claim their elected leaders say the village Councillors and the district executive have let them down ever since they were put in power making their lives difficult to sustain.

residents complain of the poor road network, unsafe water shared with animals, lack of health facilities and eduction say easy schools access

They claim most of the food feeding mubende district comes from there but ist a hurdle by the farmers to access it to the market due to the poor road network lacking better feeder roads that can connect them to the market at the expense of villages name Kajunju and kaboowa that rarely produce cash crops.

According to the chairman lc1 kyampiisi village Edward Byamugisa wants tto know whether government has written off his people as far as service delivery to his people is concerned.
The break down in the districts service delivery is also lagging them behind with poor aceess to safe water, medication snd puypils failing to access schools as they bare too distant and roads being impassable farmers facing hurdles accesing markets as transpoprt copst are soar.

They have reached to the extent of handing in their Nrm [arty cards threatening not to participate in the coming national elections if their grievances arent addresed. They want the chairman lc5 hon kibuuka amooti to address their issues.

However speaking to the district chairperson Mr. kibuuka amooti  advised the residents to calm down and wait for the passing of the district financial budget 2015 and 2016 so that they  can be planned accordingly.He denied allegations that there has been a bridge up between the government and the locals as he blames the village Councillors of letting the locals down by not tabling their problems to the district council for handling.


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