abakozi  ba mubende town council nga bateka esigiri ku motoka


Mubende town council has evicted vendors operating illegally on Mubende highway road reserves within the locality in a bid to maintain sanitation and order in the area. Led by the town council medical officer Mr. Machati John operatives confiscated property of those in the working in the wrong places whom they believe are stubborn having warned them prior to vacate the places and move to the designated working areas known by the town council.
Amidst a lot of hesitation and pressure from locals operating on the mubende highway  not to go on with their operation rather to first clean the rubbish within the area, kiosks, stoves and all manner of makeshift structures were confiscated and taken to the town council offices.
According to the town clerk Mubende district MR, Ssempa Moses the one in a white shirt giving a comment_ said the residents were aware of the operation having warned them about it prior when a team of health experts moved through advising those operating on road reserves to move to the designated places of work but some stubbornly refused to adhere.
He says this is a busy high way road transporting passengers from Mubende to Congo and thus order and sanitation have to be maintained.
A group of locals were engrossed in an animated argument with the town council operatives and angry at the town clerk and mayor for not minding about the state of health they operate in with rubbish allover and only center on destroying their businesses were they earn a living.
However the town clerk Mr. Ssempa Moses clarified on this stating that Mubende highway is a busy place were rubbish accumulates every second despite cleaning up the area and proved right that they do clean the area and as a town council they are after maintaining good health of their locals but the locals have to accept the changes to develop the area


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