The Omusinga of Rwenzululu has applauded the Buganda kingdom for their continued support towards cooperation with various cultural institutions integrating within their locality without segregation and discrimination.

The Omusinga lamented all this while visiting his people, the Abayiira in the mayors gardens, Buwekula, Mubende town council on his three day tour where Bakonzo living in Mubende, Mityana, Kiboga and Kyegegwa convened to exercise their loyalty to their king.

He expressed his gratitude to the Kabaka of Buganda for the love he has showed to this people I the due course of assimilating with the Baganda in the area and stated that this cooperation is a move ahead towards the concealed development within the two kingdoms.

The king criticized all those institutions that attack cultural institutions especially the halt the duties of their cultural leaders expressing the fact that the Bakonzo and Buganda have been living in peace and harmony without any external attacks and expressed the need for peace and unity within them because they are ready to fight any external opposition to the cultural rule.

On this platform, the representative on behalf of the Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, the deputy Luwekula mr. Andrew Ssempijja Mukasa conveyed the katikiros message thanking the Omusinga for his continued support and protection to the Baganda living in the rwenzululu region as it is another shortcut to satisfied development within the two kingdoms. The Katikiro assured the Omusinga of the stability of the Bakonzo in Buganda living at peace and emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship between the two kingdoms to promote unity and cooperation.

The special occasion was honored by various government political figures and all the abayira living in Buganda on his two day visit where he is expected today to visit the various Bakonzo communities in Buwekula.

The Omusinga concluded the first day visit by planting a memorial mango tree at muteesa 1 royal university Buwekula campus as a way of recognizing the Buganda’s effort of promoting education among its people.


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