11885719_656545977815552_8493743163792562257_o20th.August: The former FDC President general Dr Kiiza Besigye has asked electorates to use all possible ways to suspend the military form of governance that has taken over Uganda and this has kept Ugandans in tension with no positive gains in service delivery. Besigye who is touring FDC supporters was today speaking to supporters in Mubende to convince the party membership to endorse him the party flag to contest with president Museveni in 2016 general elations. He said this is the time for all Ugandans to stop the military state and give opportunity to civilians to manage state affairs and also give room to new ideas for a better Uganda. Col Besigye before addressing a rally at the Mayors’ Gardens in the mid of Mubende town was fast interfered by Mubende police under the command of acting DPC Joseph Engulu but was later cleared and addressed a rally before proceeding to Toro region. FDC supporters in Mubende have also contributed to the drive that was started In the Busoga region of contributing fuel for his movements a gesture he said is a sign that Ugandans have started to embress their gospel for change.


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