musoki phiona

Mubende municipality

As the third term kick starts today countywide, ubctv has made a survey about the school turn up by pupils in mubende district especially government aided schools upe noting that the majority of the pupils are still at home despite the teachers efforts to turn up in numbers and fulfill their duties amicably.

In Kasenyi church of Uganda primary school only 200 pupils out of the 709 enrollment number have reported today, 371 out of the 1600 have reported at mubende army primary school, 115 have reported out of 413 total enrollment number at st.josephs primary school while only 112 have turned up compared to the 500 pupils in st Marys primary school all in Mubende municipality.

According to the headmasters of the above schools, the parents are the ones to blame who have arrogantly forced the pupils into gardens to sow since it’s the planting season but hope the number to maximize at least by Wednesday this week.

Speaking to the District Education Officer, Mubende Municipality,. Mr. kayiwa Benson, has attributed all this negative turn up of pupils to the arrogance of parents who thought the fact that the ruling party primary elections are commencing today, kids had to stay at home and the continuous down pour that is forcing parents to move with pupils into gardens for cultivation.

While addressing residents of kapeke village in Nama sub county, Mukono district last Friday, the president warned schools implementing the universal primary education program to immediately stop charging extra fees from parents as schools open for third term but the number is still low though the teachers claim they are available and ready to perform their duties


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