The ministry of health in conjuction with the non government oprganisation John Hopkins University JHPIEGO UGANDA and UNFPA a world population fund organization khave launched family planning methodologies in mubende municipality at the mayors gardens.
The campaign is aimed ta implementing family planning withinmarried patners especially women to reduce on marternal mortality rate and that no woman dies in life. On the same function, health workers and midwifery training institutions  have been recognized  to ensure provision of postpartum family planning services to women of Uganda .
According to the country director UNFPA, Miss Esperance Fundira, the move is aimed at supportingwork done by the ministry of health to train health workers in family planning . she saiod thereis  neeed of skilled attendance  by skilled personnel so that every mother thatv delivers is attended to by a skilled helath worker.
Marternal  mortality stands at 16 women dying due to pregnancies and since its not a diseas, with support from the skilled health workers, mothers and babies will live a healthy life.
According to Emily Katarikawa, the country Director JIPHAICO, there is a need to recognize workers that they have trained and have excelled in delivering long acting reversible contraceptive method infacilities of Bundibugyo and mubende. She says the recognition is done because of the competent training done that has a step wide methology that has the capacities of building helth workers and recognition of their excellency. Mrs Katarikawa said they are previlleged to have UNFPA support and the past months they have been working with 15 districts in Uganda to enable health workers hve the cutting edge I delivering health services of family planning.
Uganda is still losing 438 mothers out of the 100 live births due to delivery related death and women to have children in intervals is friendly to their bodies and really impotant. Statistics show that most women of 21 percent reproductive age would love to have space in their children.  11percent would like to limit and though womn want the services, they haven’t been sensitized and providing health workers with skills to provide these services and right information is one way of realizing the countrys goals.


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