Mubende regional referral hospital is holding two suspected ebola
patients in an isolation centre both male having been admitted from
kibaale health center four, Kibaale district. The patients who are
identified as Joseph Tibihoire and Innocent Kanana all male of Kibaale
district were admitted to Mubende regional referral hospital on Sunday
with symptoms of viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola and marbug
like vomiting, passing out of blood stools, dry cough and general body

According to mr muhindo loius, the senior hospital administrator,
Mubende regional referral hospital, says the patients arrived on
Sunday form kibaale health center four in kibaale district with
conditions of vomiting including passing out bloody stools and the
medical team have taken samples from them to the national blood
laboratory in Entebbe to confirm the results as the suspects being put
under isolation as they are receiving treatment.

Dr. Kibuuka Afizi from the department of internal medicine physician
currently taking care of the isolation center says Ebola can be
identified through symptoms such as painless vomiting and passing out
of bloody stools by the patient, bleeding gums and fever all symptoms
that have been showed by the suspects. He says they have put up van
isolation unit and are taking care of the patients and they are
responding to the treatment as they are waiting for results from the
blood samples taken to the national blood lab in Entebbe.

Dr. Kibuuka adds that people around Kibaale tend t present viral
hemorrhagic  fevers like Ebola and Marburg though they haven’t yet
confirmed the exact disease as they wait for confirmation from the
national labaratory in Entebbe. He says the hospital has put up an
atmosphere to handle the situation and has assured the other patients
not be scared of the situation and come for medical services as usual
since every thing is in control


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