A gang of thugs have invaded Mubende police station with intention to
help a suspect escape from police cells.

According to the District Police Commander Mubende Wabwire Alex at
around 11:30 am a group of about 10 people stormed Mubende police
station with intention to rescue one of the suspect who was detained
in the police cells over assaulting a woman.

Wabwire explained; “I was sitted in the office when all the sudden I
had strange voices outside my window by the time i came out unknown
group of people were battling with police officers where some of the
officer has sustained injuries as well as the other group of people.”

Wabwire added “We managed to bring the situation under control were
four people that include Walemba Bosco 38, Kule Ben 29, Muhinda Abdul
30 and Mahinda Andrew 30 were handcuffed and detained in cells .”

This group’s mission to invaded police comes after one Kibiyire Erick
was detained in police cells over assaulting Kansiime Alice on the
31/December/2015 at Kayunga village in Bagezza sub county on Mubende
district .

Kibiyire and Walembe attacked Kansiime at her home where they
strangled her when she made an alarm people that came to her rescue
managed to grab, Kibiyire who was taken to Mubende police station yet
walemba managed to take off and its alleged that he mobilized this
group to attack the police station in order to help the detained
suspect escape.

These people were found with marijuwana which is presumed to have
been used thus ending up in this act

Walemba and Muhinda explain; “it was not our intention to beat up
police officer but it’s the officers that beat us up then we had to

The District Police Commander Alex Wabwire explained;” people should
clearly understand that once someone is taken to police it’s not yet
confirmed that they have committed these offences but they are
suspects that are waiting to be taken to court these people will be
taken to court. Violence is not a solution. ”

Wabwire further added ; “These people will be charged with beating
police officers will at duty and possession of marijuwana thus will be
taken to court to face their charges.”


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