Business has come to stand still as the talking head pulls mammoth
crowd of people at Mubende high way.

The talking head identified as Mutwe is a born of Busujju ,in Mityana district.

This talking head that has all features of a human being on the head
that include the eyes, nose, teeth , ears is palced on cotton over the
metallic tray on wooden table that speaks in Luganda and answers all
the questions asked by its viewers.

Several people that operate along Mubende highway have deserted their
business to watch this talking head and each individual pays 2000
shilling and is given a chance to ask 3 questions .

Nasimbwa Jamillah one of the people that watched this head talk
explains that;”The world might be coming to the ends, what is written
in the bible indicates that during the end days bizarre happenings
like this will happen . These might be among the illuminate group of
people , people should embrace God into their lives .”


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