Presidential candidate Right Honorable Amama Mbabazi has vowed to revamp the health standards and dire state in which the sector is facing through renovating hospitals, stocking enough medicine, increase on the health workers salary and building for them shelter to enhance their service delivery. He has vowed to introduce health insurance to all Ugandans at a low cost if voted into power to increase on the life span of the nationals.

Amama Mbabazi speaking to the residents of Mubende municipal council in the Mayors Gardens, Mubende town has also hinted at extending of electric power to the poor at a low rate so as also to live a comfortable life.

H e has decried the poor state of roads in the country mention in Mubende promising to help in the construction of Lusaalira-Kasambya-Kabamba road that is in a sole state to ensure that residents can effect developing themselves through better infra-structure  development.

Amama Mbabazi has concluded by urging the residents of Mubende Municipal Council to vote for him come 18thFebruary since his the right person to solve the increasing land wrangles within the area through abolishing the issuing of land titles and displacement of nationals from such land with wrangles until the judiciary comes up with the final judgment.

It must be remembered that despite the fact that most of the populace within Mubende base on farming to survive, the district is one of those in the country facing land wrangles and many people have been displaced from their homes to camps even some losing their lives as they fight not to lose avenues where they earn a living form.


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