Two people have been rushed to Mubende regional referral hospital
after sustaining severe injuries due to land wrangles in this area.

These two that are receiving treatment at mubende regional referral
hospital have been identified as Senkinga Sam and Nankinga Annet
residents of Kicucula in Butoloogo sub county Mubende district.

Senkinga explained that; ‘’a group of workers from the Chinese
company that was contracted to plant trees attached us while at
Kicucula trading center and begun questioning us what we are still
doing on this land that we  are a big stumbling  block  to their work
and would do anything possible to evict us by force.”

Senkinga added that;”This sprouted in a huge fight between the natives
in this area and the workers where senkinga’s leg was broken and also
survived with a deep cut of the head, nankinga sustained had was also
broken in this struggle while the workers and other people ran off
with injuries .”

Semata one of the residents in this area explained; “we have spent
over thirty years on this land that equates to 6 square miles but we
are surprised to see a group of people forcing us to vacate this land
at a peanut pay.”

Semata added that;” we are now are now afraid of the situation where
the workers for the Chinese investor have begun beating us with the
intention to force to sell our land to them for the tree planting

Land wrangles in Mubende district are rampant and blame is apportioned
to the district land board that serves more than one land title to one
individual thus causing commotion.


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