The United State Department has accused the Uganda government of politically motivated killings of State prosecutor Joan Kagezi and Muslim Clerics. It is now evident that the yellow bus is about to lose its driver.
In its latest Human Rights Report, the USA has pointed out that the killings were targeted or politically motivated. This comes shortly after the Uganda government summoned the US ambassador to Uganda Ms. Deborah Malac for her comments regarding M7’s treatment of opposition supporters and gross abuse of citizen’s rights.
The report goes on to state the date Joan Kagezi was murdered and a year later the assassins have not been apprehended. Joan Kagezi was prosecuting the Lugogo twin bombings that left scores of Ugandans dead.
The report also mentions the killings of Muslim Clerics where the government blamed Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi of collaborating with ADF rebels to murder muslim leaders only to drop charges against Dr. Kiyingi with no explanations.
The report also blames UPDF of killing over 100 civilians in Bundibugyo and buried the victims in a mass grave, which the government denied but later locals dug up a massive grave near UPDF barracks in which 55 bodies were found buried in one grave.
UPDF is accused of murdering seven members of one family in Somalia as they were attending a wedding in which the bride, groom and parents were executed. A bomb was thrown towards UPDF convoy and the assailants disappeared in the darkness and in such of the assailants UPDF came across the people that were attending the wedding and ordered them to stand in line and they were all executed.
Many users of Social Media have accused the Uganda government of having a hand in the Lugogo twin bombings and up to now the government has not been able to gather incriminating evidences to prove that Alsabab a terrorist group was responsible for the bombing



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