Indeed, every right thinking human being will obediently come to terms with me that long ago there was a paradigm shift from our conventional and primitive style of living to a more polished and sophisticated way of life. Westernization must therefore be applauded for this phenomenal shift.

Verily, our eventful contact with the Europeans predominantly brought Christianity, education and technology, which have penetrated every sector of our economy and make life less laborious for us. However, beyond shadow of a doubt, civilization brought by the western world has caused inrepairable harm to our well treasured culture. – acculturation – the western culture was warmly welcomed in place of the Nigerian culture. Consequently, most uncultured people readily imbibed the deficient and indecent dressing style of the western world, without measuring it with the decorum and etiquette of our societies. Fortunately, this does not in any way prevent us from using our common senses.

Indecent dressing is simply the deliberate exposure of the vital and sensitive parts of the body ─ Brea5t, fanny, thigh, navel and armpit ─ both by the feminine and masculine gender. Let me accentuate again, women are not the monopoly of indecent dressing; the men are also guilty of same this extremely more than what you only read you also need to experience it through video.


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