Police and the UPDF officers have set ablaze 400 houses over illicit
resettlement on the land they were evicted from 10 years ago.

During a general  meeting held on the 30/03/2016 at Bujuuko lc i in
Kabulamuliro parish in Madudu sub county preside over  by the Resident
District Commissioner Beyunga  Florence 400 people have been ordered to vacate  from this land immediately .

Beyunga explained that; “many people are being used  by individuals
for  selfish
interests driving them into  misery  especially the women and children,
besides no internally displaced camp has been registered in this area .
Forcefully occupying a piece of land that is legally owned by someone else
is a crime whoever was aggrieved during the eviction process in 2006 should
have reported to any concern office or court because no one is above the

The District Police Commander Alex Wabwire explained;” stop having
hallucination over obtaining land that you clearly know it doesn’t belong
to you. Don’t take the law into your hands because you may end up paying
for the consequences that might be really hard.”

Wabwire has also ordered these people to pack up all their belongs and
leave the land immediately after which all the houses that setup in this
land were set ablaze.

Kazibwe Edward the farm manager for Abasi Ali explains that; “in 2006 only
23 people occupied this land and were fully paid off  with their signatures
and photos  against their  names but i was shocked on 15/Dec/2015 a group
of over 400 people  forcefully reoccupied the land at Bujuuko up to date.”

Niyosenga Daniel chairperson for this group explained that; “we only
intended to claim the what once belonged to us because we were not
compensated not forcefully grabbing the land as we are being accused.”


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