demolished plantations

Meanwhile in the same sub county residents are on the run after a Chinese investor under Quality Parts Limited has also

in the neighbouring villages to create space for tree planting. The Chinese company Quality arts Limited heavily deployed at Kyedikyo, Kicuucula, Nakasozi and Butoolo at the boarder of Madudu and Butoloogo sub counties leaving people’s properties worth millions destroyed. Over 300 hundred residents here have started starving for food, since this has been the only source of food and income to take their children to school and to meet other necessities. Byamukama Jude the LC 1 Chairperson at Kicucula Village said, the Buganda government should immediately probe Quality Parts Ltd because recently they were registered with Buganda Land Board after assurance that this was part of Kabaka’s land. Land related wrangles are on the rise in Madudu and Butoloogo where state machinery is frequently deployed to aid both local and foreign investors during evictions. “Our area has for long suffered problems and we have been invaded in night hours right from the time we were evicted from Kirawula but government has not come to our rescue. Many of our colleagues have been forced to relocate to other areas as a result of unlawful eviction aided by the area security personals” Victims said.


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