Police has heavily deployed in Butoloogo

Sub County to give protection to an investor who is surveying land covering four villages, which land has hard wrangles between this tycoon and the residents in this area. The deployment under Mubende district police Commander Patrick Byaruhanga’s Command, is protecting Mr Samuel Bivanju who secured a Court order granting him way to survey the said land of about 1,200 acres on block 33 plot 1 at Kawololo and Block 22 plot 1 at Kyakajja both in Butoloogo. Residents from the three villages on this land i.e Kawalolo, Kasagulo and Kisagazi now live in tension of losing their homes. Speaking to Mr Bivanju said, on several occasions he has tried to engage the dwellers for negotiations on either they pay him off or vacate the land for development but his efforts ended up unfruitful forcing him to file an application at high court seeking permission to survey his land. However residents led by Kayanja Jafari refuted this saying they were not given priority but only learnt of it after police deployment. The Mubende DPC Patrick Byaruhanga defended the deployment saying police was trying to enforce high court order which was issued in October last year and requested residents to corporate with security during the exercise. “If there is any issue concerning the legality of the order you can also seek redress from court but for now we are here to implement because it’s our cardinal obligation to have the order implemented to avoid contempt of court.” Byahuhanga said.


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