Mubende district Land Board again pinned in land title scandal.

Mubende district Land Board again pinned in land title scandal

Following complaints over Mubende district land board fraudulent issuing of land titles, leaders are appealing to the ministry of land to halt issuing of new titles and calling for an audit into escalating scandals that are leaving hundreds of people homeless and others in prison as a result of what residents term as illegal eviction.

Over 2000 residents from Mannyogasseka in Kassanda and Nalutuntu Sub counties in Mubende district were evicted from the land that has over 10 questionable land lords with controversial land titles, having over 2 square miles on block 339, plots 2 and 15 alleged to be under Princess Fatuma Ndagire, yet others Apollo Ssemanda Godffrey, Dickens Kwesiga, Kalega Yosam, Misairi Kyeyune and Abid-Alam have claimed for the same land with titles awarded to them from Mubende district land board.

In consultative meeting convened by the area members of parliament and officials from Uganda Commissioner headed by Hajjat Madinah Nsereko at Kyannamugera in Kassanda South, residents pinned the district land board in fraudulent deals with tycoons and Wamala regional police commander ASP Fred Kidima, who on several occasions have rendered support during evictions in Kassanda and Naluntuntu Sub County respectively.

Residents said the land title on which Princess Fatuma Ndagire obtained letters of administration from High Court Nakawa is at the same time claimed by other people who have on several occasions tried to let them off the land, not until last months when Princess Ndagire with the support from Mityana police successfully evicted them and arrested seven of their colleagues. Seven of these people were last month arrested and appeared before grade one magistrate Irene Namaye at Mubende magistrate court, on counts of malicious damage before sending them on remand.

Over 450 homesteads from Nalutuntu, Bukompe, Bokoba, Mannyogassekka and Nsololo have no accommodation with children not accessing schools as police still patrols the area to ensure that residents don’t return to their homes and fear for arrests. They are now asking the minister Benny Namugwanya Bugembe, area members of parliament Simeo Nsubuga for Kassanda South and Patrick Nsamba for Kassanda North to petition the ministry of Land to call off all land titles issued by the Mubende District land board and have it audited.

In his response the secretary Mubende district Land Board Ssempala Emmanuel blamed the scandal on the area land committees who recommend people to the district Land boards before scrutinising land time applications. Minister Benny Namugwanya Bugembe said, findings indicates multiple ownership of which she says the land is in the names of Princes Fatuma Ndagire who obtained the letters of administration from court as prescribed by law.

She however said, the leadership is going to initiate negotiations with the rightful owner for residents to pay rent dues commonly known as “busuulu”, but she also cited loopholes in the district land board hence the need to investigate it. The minister assured residents of cancellation of all illegal title immediately after investigations are done, and issued a temporally order halting police deployment in the embattled areas.

Hajjat Madinah Nsereko the commissioner Uganda Land Commission has equally blamed the district land board, district staff surveyors and the district cartographer for fraudulently verifying titles.

She has asked district leaders to help them benefit from the national land fund and have the land lord paid off. In attendance was Hon Simeo Nsubuga of Kassanda South, Hon Patrick Nsamba for Kassanda North the chairperson Mubende district land Board Mr Ssemugabi among others.



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