Buganda Land Board disagrees with central government in Buwekula County over land ownership.

Buganda Land Board disagrees with central government in Buwekula County over land ownership.

Misunderstandings have ensued between the Buganda government administration officials in Kitenga Sub County and the local government workers in the same sub county over the ownership of the land housing the sub county administrative block, which Buganda Land Board accuses central government of setting up projects without notifying Nnamulondo Investments, Buganda’s official estates managers.


Following setting up different agricultural projects in which the sub county official had started up mother gardens, Buganda Land Board officials decided forcefully evade the projects without notifying the sub county which prompted Mubende district resident Commissioner Florence Beyunga and district officials led by the district vice chairperson Edward Zziwa Birungi Amooti sermon an urgent meeting to reach a consensus with officials from both governments.


The sub county chairperson Edward Ggamba revealed that the  sub county council had passed a resolution granting the deployment of security personnel  to clear the coffee mother garden, which was fenced by Buganda Land Board. He said that this mother garden had contributed much towards agriculture, as it served a national grid for demonstration activities to farmers from different agricultural institutions across the country.


“Many farmers in Mubende have resorted to coffee farming which is gaining vacuum on the market and this is why Kitenga Sub County resolved to have a biggest mother garden in county so as to help farmers acquire better coffee seeds and skills and knowledge on how to curry on coffee plating business” Ggamba said.

The Kabaka Sub county chief Mutuba-gumu Kamya Musa Busulwa told the meeting that they have always gone parallel with central government over the administration of Kingdom land in Buwekula County.

Referring to the land act of 2005, the district vice chairperson who doubles as the secretary for production and natural resources at Mubende district local government Edward Zziwa Birungi Amooti said, if Buganda Land Board is in search for a developer, it should consider the sub county officials to be the fast priority; who are currently occupying the land.


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