More Pressure mounts on the Mubende District Land Board.

More Pressure mounts on the Mubende District Land Board.

Over 10,000 residents from seven villages in Mubende district have accused Mubende District Land Board Secretary Ssempala Emmanuel of conniving with a tycoon to maneuver them from their land, which amounts to two and a half squire miles in Kiganda Sub County.

The embattled land is located on block 431 plot 47/46 of 600, 3940 hectares with villages of Lwentuwa LCI, Kamusenene LCI, Nkokoma LCI, Kilewe LCI, Musozi LCI, and Kotayiza LCI B, all in Kamusenene Parish Kiganda Sub County.

During convocation with Mubende District Resident Commissioner Beyunga Florence Tumuhairwe following a one week ultimatum, with fear these angry residents told the RDC that they have occupied the public land for 70 years.

“No sooner had they started a process to secure the land title than a non resident Stella Kakuba, illegally secured it from Mubende District Land Board on 17th December 2016 and later on 14th December 2016 sold it to Francis  Ndizeye at Ushs 600 millions” They narrated.

They said, they neither plant food or cash crops nor do they take their children to school in fear of being evicted anytime and now they are now asking for the cancellation of this land title and an overhaul of the entire District Land Board and have it audited, to get rid of corrupt officials.

Emmanuel Ssempala, The Secretary Mubende District Land Board admitted that it is true there were anomalies in which Stella Kakuba acquire the land title, and promised to cancel it.

The chairperson Kitayiza LCI B whose signature appeared on Kakuba’s application for the title denied the allegations adding that this was a forged signature.

He said, he was not the chairperson by the time Kakuba acquired the land title, and at this point Hajji Kaggwa Kamadi the chairperson, Kiganda Sub County Land Board vowed to challenge this title the District Land Board fails to re-call it for audit.

However, he issued an order suspending this land title and investigations take immediate effect, and assured residents to be given the first priority to have ownership over this land.



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