Kaweri Coffee plantation victims at a cross roads over G’ovt plants to have an out of court settlement.


Kaweri Coffee plantation victims at a cross roads over G’ovt plants to have an out of court settlement

Government plans to pay off Kaweri Coffee plantation Ltd land evictees in Madudu Sub County Mubende district might delay after victims rejected case withdraw proposal.

Recently government (defendants) through the state minister for Kampala and Mubende district legislator Namugwanya Benny Bugembe said, it was ready to pay those who are ready to withdraw for their written consent to retain their land.

But the plaintiffs backed by Action Aid-Uganda and other human rights Activists that their land was awarded to Neumann Caffe Gruppe to establish a first ever huge coffee plantation in east Africa under Kaweri Coffee Plantation Lmtd, therefore they need restitution for their land as well as compensation loss of income, before the attorney general.

Achialenge Jennifer of Action Aid Uganda while meeting victims said, government should first consider the high court judge Justice Anup Sign Choudry’s verdict which was given in their favor.

Justice Choudry had compelled government to pay over Shs 13 billion in compensation but letter government appealed the verdict and Court of appeal nullified Justice Choudry’s ruling.

Government allocated 11.6 square miles of land at block 99 plot 11 and blocks 99 plot 1 that accommodated 2,041 people of Kiryamakobe, Kijuna, Kitemba and Luwunga Villages to Kaweri Coffee plantation Ltd.

Peter Kayiira Baleke, a resident and also another plaintiff in the law suit said they are not entertaining government proposal for talks, until justice takes its course in the high where the case was ordered for a fresh trial.


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