Over 5000 residents under eviction threats in Kitumbi.


Over 5000 residents under eviction threats in Kitumbi.

Over 5000 Land tenants from three villages in Bukyonjo Parish, Kitumbi Sub County, Mubende District are living under threats and fear of loosing their land to a said land grabber. The land accommodates Kiryajjobyo LCI, Bukyonjo LCI and Kawalala LC which is located at block 402 Plot 1, 2, 3 under Lusinda Estates. These tenants says, Gertrude Lunkuse who claims to be the lawful landlord introduced them to Ivan Ssemwanga of IVYS LOGISTICS LIMITED operating from Mityana District as a person who was going to coordinate them in acquiring land title, but letter she (Gertrude) was accompanied by police officers from Kassanda Police post, to sell off part of this land, after demolishing most of their belongings including gardens valued at millions of shillings hence a problem of shortage of food. Alone Nyangabo a resident who has lived on this land since 1995 accused Ssewankambo together with police officers who were escorting him of slashing his gardens but also the  leaders for failure to intervene despite continued efforts to seek support from them. Another victim Nkwatirire Ismail and others says, many of them are ignorant about the land act which renders them to illegal eviction since local leaders have turned resilient to their plea. Speaking to Bernard Matovu, The Kiryajjobyo Chairperson narrated that they have doubt whether Lunkuse is a real Landlord because the land title she claims ownership is in the names of Yoasamu Ssemugoma. Ssewankambi confirmed to our team that he sold off part of the land after several engagements and agreements with the tenants, who had no resources to pay off their bibanja at the time he granted the priority as the land act says. He however refuted claims that he has been forcing them to sign agreements, though he admitted engaging closed-door meetings.


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