People feed on Paw Paws following an attempted eviction.


DSC_0697People feed on Paw Paws following an attempted eviction.

Over 500 people from six villages in the Sub Counties of Madudu and Butoloogo in Mubende district are starving as famine looms them over eviction fever.

The Villages of Kicucuula, Nakasozi, Butolo, Naluwondwa, Namayindi and Kyedikyo are the worst villages hit by this famine.

Speaking to residents, they have narrated the cause of the trouble being the employees of a Chinese national who practice tree planting in this area.

The employees are forcing them to stop farming and relocate to other places. They lamented that Quality Parts Company Limited together with FORMASA forcefully took over their land leaving them with nowhere to grow crops.


Paul Ssinamenye, a Nakosozi sub county resident and a father of 10 children, who was found searching for a pawpaw to feed his family said they planted trees in gardens, barred him from taking any of his personal belongings.

The affected residents said that whenever they try to blame them, they are arrested and times released when their gardens are taken up by these Chiniee’s employees.

Esau Hategyeka, the district councilor for Madudu Sub County said the hunger death will be registered in the near weeks if the situation persists without help from the president.

The chairperson Naluwondwa Parish, John Nyombi said that they need government intervention because they are left with no land for cultivation.

Speaking to Steven Tumwiine, the manager Quality Parts Ltd and Formasa Ltd, he dismissed the claims saying that residents have been selling land willingly but denied arresting innocents people in connection to the said land.



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