UPDF Soldiers implicated in violating people’s rights in Mubende


UPDF Soldiers implicated in violating people’s rights in Mubende

Six villages in Butoloogo Sub County in Mubende district live under tense after UPDF officers coloured in the national army uniform starting to rape children and married women, with others engaging in stealing food from the local’s gardens and invading people with efforts to let them vacate their land.

Residents sleeping in fear are from the villages of Buyinde, Kibaragazi, Kamwaza, Kituure, Kirwanyi and Kiyungu all in the Sub Counties of Butoloogo and Madudu where a private tycoon deployed the state machinery to safe guard her land with an intent to grab the neighbors land and scaring the bibanja holders to relocate, with no support from the local authorities despite their continued efforts.


The residents were interfacing the state minister for Kampala who doubles as Mubende district woman MP Hon Namugwanya Benny Bugembe, who was in this place for a fact finding mission in Butoloogo to ascertain the facts surrounding the grievances that for long residents lamented.

The desperate residents said, they are now nervures to the extent that they cannot carryout agricultural activities which is the only source of food, and this now pose a threat that huger is likely to suffocate the area, and children likely not at to attain education in this term as parents are in tension that cannot favor them go digging to sustain their incomes. Some of these people had planted forests bit most of them have been cut down for timber, and all this curried out by army official form Kabbamba Military Barracks in Mubende district.

Speaking to some of the victims Kiyingi George William, The major cash crops grown in these sub counties is Tobacco, maize, millet, beans and Matooke but the place is drying out at the expense of these army officials who were deployed by one know as Princes Namutebi Nnaava. Princes Nnamutebi Nnaava and one know as Ssentamu who claims to be the rightful owner of the land in question, have distances themselves from violating these people’s freedom and subjecting them to torture, saying these evil deeds are done by these officials as individuals because they were deployed for protection purposes and not to cause havoc to the local communities.

According to our findings, the army political commissar from Kabbamba Military Barracks Brig Sunday Deus has a huge chunk of land in this area, where he also deployed soldiers to safeguard his land.

However, the Hon minister Namugwanya Benny Bugembe cautioned Princes Nnaava Namutebi of facing legal implications if these violations persist.

She decried the UPDF’s existence in the areas, which work should have been done by the Uganda Police Force.

He however asked locals to keep Culm and promised for an urgent interface with the Kabamba Barracks commanders to initiate a process of withdrawing the army from this place because the deployment was unconstitutional.

The residents a tension are about 3000 and the land is about seven miles.


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