300 people to be rendered homeless over land wrangles in mubende district.


Over 300 people have been given an ultimatum of one month to depart from land which is said to be owned by one Namakula Mariam who has other intentions of utilizing it.

The land in question is on Block 388 Plot 14 which Namakula claims to have bought from a one Miyagi Kyazze Henry, last year on 20/05/2016.

People who are experiencing sleepless nights are from the villages of Kayebe LC1 and Butayunja LC1 in Kayebe Parish Kitenga Sub CountyC in Mubende district.

Mbalage Sam, 56 a resident on this land says that people are in deep fear because of the constant threats and eviction attempts centered on them hence appealing to the district leadership to curb down the pending saga by engaging with the concerned parties to help them before their displacement.

Another Ruhinda Stephen, 79 says that he has been on this land since 1945 where he even has a burial cemetery for his relatives but he is disgruntled not knowing where to relocate to.

Speaking to Sekamate Bruce the chairperson Butayunja village says that he is confused of where the people are going to live when they are displaced from their land because they are in big numbers yet the resettlement period given to them is unconducive to initiate their next destination and start a leaving.

This was derived at, during a meeting in which the victims discussed with the state minister for Kampala affairs Hon Benny Namugwanya Bugembe to find a win-win situation over the matter.

The victims pinned a one Ntambi Michael who  is said to be the middleman between the victims and the said landlord, thus the minister halting and cautioning him about fueling chaos in the area.



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