300 people to be rendered homeless over land wrangles in mubende district.


Over 300 people have been given an ultimatum of one month to depart from land which is said to be owned by one Namakula Mariam who has other intentions of utilizing it.

The land in question is on Block 388 Plot 14 which Namakula claims to have bought from a one Miyagi Kyazze Henry, last year on 20/05/2016.

People who are experiencing sleepless nights are from the villages of Kayebe LC1 and Butayunja LC1 in Kayebe Parish Kitenga Sub CountyC in Mubende district.

Mbalage Sam, 56 a resident on this land says that people are in deep fear because of the constant threats and eviction attempts centered on them hence appealing to the district leadership to curb down the pending saga by engaging with the concerned parties to help them before their displacement.

Another Ruhinda Stephen, 79 says that he has been on this land since 1945 where he even has a burial cemetery for his relatives but he is disgruntled not knowing where to relocate to.

Speaking to Sekamate Bruce the chairperson Butayunja village says that he is confused of where the people are going to live when they are displaced from their land because they are in big numbers yet the resettlement period given to them is unconducive to initiate their next destination and start a leaving.

This was derived at, during a meeting in which the victims discussed with the state minister for Kampala affairs Hon Benny Namugwanya Bugembe to find a win-win situation over the matter.

The victims pinned a one Ntambi Michael who  is said to be the middleman between the victims and the said landlord, thus the minister halting and cautioning him about fueling chaos in the area.



Residents in Mubende municipality have threatened to sue UNRA.


Residents in Mubende municipality have threatened to sue UNRA

A section of residents in Mubende municipality, Mubende district dwelling along the Mubende-Kakumiro-Kibaale-Kagadi road which is due to be tarmacked have faulted Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for being unfair while valuing their property and delaying to effect their compensation.

Government is in a process of compensating residents affected by the road project, but most residents complain that up to now they are unaware about their compensation and when it will be effected.

Over 200 residents from seven villages of Kibaati, Kasana B, Katwa A, Katawa, Kyaterekera, Main Street, Katwe B, Kigalagi and Bukalungi have today petitioned their Member of Parliament Ssemmulu Anthony, seeking his intervention to seek an injection in Court over the construction of this road until they are paid off.

The residents who posed land titles are worried that may end up unpaid yet properties worth billions are to be demolished, but they are reliably informed that some of their colleagues in Kagadi have received cash and contraction has kicked off.

The Mubende Municipal MP Ssemmuli Anthony said, it is mandatory for the government valuer to publically assess the level of the damage as enshrined of the road map, and threatened to court injunction until these people are paid off.

James Mwebesa from UNRA and Richard Kalema from CCCC have urged residents to remain calm and refrain from spreading false information regarding the compensation process, adding that a report about the activity would be released soon.

Kalema, CCCC’s liaison Officer says that the construction company which was awarded contract to build the road plans to establish a liaison office to receive and handle people’s complaints about the road project.

Small Scale miners in Mubende, face forced relocation for exploration and mining exercise.

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Small Scale miners in Mubende, face forced relocation for exploration and mining exercise.

The presidential directive to relocate over 50,000 small scale miners in Kitumbi, Mubende district in favor of an Investor Ms Gertrude Njuba under Gemstones International has caused fear among the miners of losing their only source of Income.

According to the cabinet meeting held at State House in Entebbe chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, the president gave an ultimatum of one week to have all the miners off the mines to pave way for Gemstone International who ministry of energy recently awarded a mining and exploration license.

Speaking to the State minister for Kampala who doubles as the woman Member of Parliament for Mubende district where these gold mines are located said, the president provided for 120 acre of land to have these local miners relocated, to allow the exploration process take-off.

Kitumbi Sub county in the greater Bukuya Constituency is Mubende’s home of Gold which has for long been drilled small scale miners who the government of Uganda terms as artisans, at mines like Kikadde, Lugongwe, Mukabadda, Kapya, Lujinji A, Lujinji B, and Lujinji C mines, with about 50,000 miners from different parts of the country who now are at risk of losing employment following the presidential directive.

Speaking to some the miners Mulyazzaawo Umaru, Mutabazi Jonathan and Nkwatirire Ismail said, this has been their only source of income after a long time searching for jobs in urban centers.

“This is the only way we have survived the unemployment scourge in the country, after mineral discovery in this area and this is the only way we have managed to sustain our families and earning a daily income. We left low paying white collar jobs and came to the mines, which has greatly changed our lives and the entire district because we also pay takes through Bukuya Sub County Officials”. Said the miners.

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In a meeting at Logongwe Gold mines, the area member of parliament Hon Michael Yiga Bukenya castigated the eviction and said, whoever is championing the it is masquerading orders of the president, but advised government to help these miners acquire mining licenses and modern equipments other than forcing them out of business.

Dr Michael Yiga Bukenya who doubles and the chairperson of the parliamentary Health Committee says, planning to evict miners in Bukuya will not only cause income bottlenecks but also poses a big threat in terms of security.

UPDF Soldiers implicated in violating people’s rights in Mubende


UPDF Soldiers implicated in violating people’s rights in Mubende

Six villages in Butoloogo Sub County in Mubende district live under tense after UPDF officers coloured in the national army uniform starting to rape children and married women, with others engaging in stealing food from the local’s gardens and invading people with efforts to let them vacate their land.

Residents sleeping in fear are from the villages of Buyinde, Kibaragazi, Kamwaza, Kituure, Kirwanyi and Kiyungu all in the Sub Counties of Butoloogo and Madudu where a private tycoon deployed the state machinery to safe guard her land with an intent to grab the neighbors land and scaring the bibanja holders to relocate, with no support from the local authorities despite their continued efforts.


The residents were interfacing the state minister for Kampala who doubles as Mubende district woman MP Hon Namugwanya Benny Bugembe, who was in this place for a fact finding mission in Butoloogo to ascertain the facts surrounding the grievances that for long residents lamented.

The desperate residents said, they are now nervures to the extent that they cannot carryout agricultural activities which is the only source of food, and this now pose a threat that huger is likely to suffocate the area, and children likely not at to attain education in this term as parents are in tension that cannot favor them go digging to sustain their incomes. Some of these people had planted forests bit most of them have been cut down for timber, and all this curried out by army official form Kabbamba Military Barracks in Mubende district.

Speaking to some of the victims Kiyingi George William, The major cash crops grown in these sub counties is Tobacco, maize, millet, beans and Matooke but the place is drying out at the expense of these army officials who were deployed by one know as Princes Namutebi Nnaava. Princes Nnamutebi Nnaava and one know as Ssentamu who claims to be the rightful owner of the land in question, have distances themselves from violating these people’s freedom and subjecting them to torture, saying these evil deeds are done by these officials as individuals because they were deployed for protection purposes and not to cause havoc to the local communities.

According to our findings, the army political commissar from Kabbamba Military Barracks Brig Sunday Deus has a huge chunk of land in this area, where he also deployed soldiers to safeguard his land.

However, the Hon minister Namugwanya Benny Bugembe cautioned Princes Nnaava Namutebi of facing legal implications if these violations persist.

She decried the UPDF’s existence in the areas, which work should have been done by the Uganda Police Force.

He however asked locals to keep Culm and promised for an urgent interface with the Kabamba Barracks commanders to initiate a process of withdrawing the army from this place because the deployment was unconstitutional.

The residents a tension are about 3000 and the land is about seven miles.

Residents at risk of losing land due to family wrangles


Residents at risk of losing land due to family wrangles

About 3000 residents from Kabende Village in Kiyuuni Sub County, Mubende District have called for government intervention into the land matters in their area after being threatened with an eviction by absentee land lord.

The land under contention was titled in 1918 in the name of  Rockie Lumonde but after his death in 2000, the owner ship was transferred to Rev Fr Kasole who has since died living the land in the hands Edward Semaganda- grandson to Rockie Lumonde.

The Bibanja holders on this land yesterday told an LC3 court chaired by Kiyuuni Sub County Chairman Aloysius Byamunugu that Semanda had fenced off the land hence stopped them from carrying any activity on the property.

After the residents submitting their complaints, forcing Ssemaganda to produce evidence that he is the owner of the land which he failed, this ended  up causing violence at the court.

Aloysius Byamunugu, the chairperson LC111Kiyuuni Sub County and Jude Irumba the NRM sub county chairperson have warned Edward Ssemaganda against the illegal eviction saying he should follow right procedures to avoid contention.

People feed on Paw Paws following an attempted eviction.


DSC_0697People feed on Paw Paws following an attempted eviction.

Over 500 people from six villages in the Sub Counties of Madudu and Butoloogo in Mubende district are starving as famine looms them over eviction fever.

The Villages of Kicucuula, Nakasozi, Butolo, Naluwondwa, Namayindi and Kyedikyo are the worst villages hit by this famine.

Speaking to residents, they have narrated the cause of the trouble being the employees of a Chinese national who practice tree planting in this area.

The employees are forcing them to stop farming and relocate to other places. They lamented that Quality Parts Company Limited together with FORMASA forcefully took over their land leaving them with nowhere to grow crops.


Paul Ssinamenye, a Nakosozi sub county resident and a father of 10 children, who was found searching for a pawpaw to feed his family said they planted trees in gardens, barred him from taking any of his personal belongings.

The affected residents said that whenever they try to blame them, they are arrested and times released when their gardens are taken up by these Chiniee’s employees.

Esau Hategyeka, the district councilor for Madudu Sub County said the hunger death will be registered in the near weeks if the situation persists without help from the president.

The chairperson Naluwondwa Parish, John Nyombi said that they need government intervention because they are left with no land for cultivation.

Speaking to Steven Tumwiine, the manager Quality Parts Ltd and Formasa Ltd, he dismissed the claims saying that residents have been selling land willingly but denied arresting innocents people in connection to the said land.


Business come to a stand still at Mubende district headquarters as evictees storm district officials.

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Business come to a stand still at Mubende district headquarters as evictees storm district officials.

Business at Mubende district headquarters has today come to a stand steal when over 200 residents that are facing eviction threats stormed the district for resettlements, blaming officials for negligence.

Led by Ssekyanzi Hassan, Kisenyi Emma, Ssebuliba Joseph, Nsubuga Charles and Nkooma Joseph raised concerns to district officials over their eviction blaming them of being so reluctant, hence the increasing and alarming situation in this area.

The residents at risk of losing properties amount to 3000 from over 300 homesteads from 10 villages of Kyabutuzi LCI, Lugara LCI, Kagoma LCI, Nsiisi and Kannyogoga LCI all in Kagoma Parish, Kitenga Sub County in Mubende district.

The land located at block 339, Plot 164 is said to be under the administration of Ronald Nkugwa under the sole proprietorship of IVYS LOGISTICS LMTD, which has for long had wrangles relating to ownership, where  residents accuse the said owner of destroying their properties and causing mayhem in the area, thus resulting into insecurity, children not attending school and food shortage.

Nakate Gewudy and Nakirijja Rose said, they have been occasionally forced to append signatures on sale agreements after denying them chance to pay off the “busuulu” as the law says or even paying off the land lord, prompting them to go and seek refuge at the district headquarter this morning.

Residents have attributed the suffrage to Mubende district leadership who seem to be reluctant on handling land related issues across the district, which has greatly affected the rights of the locals and also posing a threat to the district economic growth.

Speaking to these angry residents, the District Chairperson Francis Kibuuka Amooti cautioned residents on mob justice, because this culminates into other crimes punishable in courts of Laws but appealed to them to use amicable means to seek redress.

He however promised a speedy investigation into the matter and issued an interim order, for them to resume their homes as the district officials take probe the matter.