One person has been rushed to Kyegegwa health centre IV after being
battered by police while 14 are being held in police custody over alleged
inciting violence

According to Mbusa Kiyonga the oc. Station Kyegegwa police station these 14
people are being held under police custody over inciting violence that is
aimed at disrupting peace in lwentuha Sub County that we accept.

These suspects in police custody include James Nzabalinda ,Kasigwa
Javers,Rose Nzabalinda, Tulyabwe Yorakimu, Mubangizi Haruna, Yokana Batega,
Eliya Nyonsiga, Charles Kariti, Ntamba Alinitwe, Kanyongire Hassan, Tusiime
Denis, Ayebazibwe Denis, Luyumu at Kazinga trading centre in lwentuha sub
county in Kyegegwa district.

Tulyabwe Yorakimu 57 who is admitted at Kyegegwa health centre iv
explained; at around 11:00 am about 20police officers led by the DPC for
Kyegegwa district Mr. Tubanone Jorum invaded Kazinga trading centre, begun
beating up people, a police officer flogged me several times on the head,
hands and at the back  that I was seriously hurt later on forcefully
dragged to police patrol car.

It’s a pity that we are being beaten to this extent because of fighting
for our own land, we are also Ugandans that need protection but its seems
government is more interested in refugees. Tulyahabwe added.

Tulyabwe further explained that;” these land clashes emerged after the
refugees from Sango bay were resettled in this area and government informed
them about her decision to share their land with these refugees that
resident have refused to accept.”

“We are ready to die for our land, we cannot share our land that we bought
with our own money, and government should pay us for the land they are
offering to the refugees or look for land somewhere else to resettle these
refugees. ” Hakizimaana Denis explained

Tukamuhebwa sarah explained that;” We have several developments on our
lands like huge banana plantations, coffee plantations, cattle farms and
used these collateral to obtain money from various banks that we use to pay
off our children s school fees but if we share these lands and the most
productive part is given off to the refugees we shall be left with nothing
but with a burden to pay off the pending loans.”

Nimpamya Daniel the vice chairperson lc v and district Councillor for
lwentuha sub county explained that;” personally my life is in danger after
receiving several threats to withdrawal from this land issues, as leaders
it’s our role to fight for the well being of the communities that we
represent.  Now some of the residents in this area are sleeping outside
their homes for fear of being arrested.”

Kafuzi Jackson the Member of Parliament for kyaka south explained that;”  it’s
absurd that government is using a lot of  force yet we are trying to
negotiate with the residents in this area so that we have a mutual
understanding to settle off the refugees and the residents in mutual

On the 26/06/2016 Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda the prime minister for Uganda held a
meeting that involved the local leaders and the indigenous people in Kyaka
1 refugee camp where residents were informed that they had settled on
government land that has to shared between the resettled refugees from
Sango Bay and the indigenous people.