Over 5000 residents under eviction threats in Kitumbi.


Over 5000 residents under eviction threats in Kitumbi.

Over 5000 Land tenants from three villages in Bukyonjo Parish, Kitumbi Sub County, Mubende District are living under threats and fear of loosing their land to a said land grabber. The land accommodates Kiryajjobyo LCI, Bukyonjo LCI and Kawalala LC which is located at block 402 Plot 1, 2, 3 under Lusinda Estates. These tenants says, Gertrude Lunkuse who claims to be the lawful landlord introduced them to Ivan Ssemwanga of IVYS LOGISTICS LIMITED operating from Mityana District as a person who was going to coordinate them in acquiring land title, but letter she (Gertrude) was accompanied by police officers from Kassanda Police post, to sell off part of this land, after demolishing most of their belongings including gardens valued at millions of shillings hence a problem of shortage of food. Alone Nyangabo a resident who has lived on this land since 1995 accused Ssewankambo together with police officers who were escorting him of slashing his gardens but also the  leaders for failure to intervene despite continued efforts to seek support from them. Another victim Nkwatirire Ismail and others says, many of them are ignorant about the land act which renders them to illegal eviction since local leaders have turned resilient to their plea. Speaking to Bernard Matovu, The Kiryajjobyo Chairperson narrated that they have doubt whether Lunkuse is a real Landlord because the land title she claims ownership is in the names of Yoasamu Ssemugoma. Ssewankambi confirmed to our team that he sold off part of the land after several engagements and agreements with the tenants, who had no resources to pay off their bibanja at the time he granted the priority as the land act says. He however refuted claims that he has been forcing them to sign agreements, though he admitted engaging closed-door meetings.


Father killed by his blood 17 year old son in Kikoma.

Body of Kyeyune

Father killed by his blood 17 year old son in Kikoma.

Residents of Kiterega LC1 Kikoma Parish Madudu Sub County in Mubende district have woken up in a dismay after finding their fellow resident killed by his blood 17 year old son. The shocked residents say, Deo Kizza learnt about the death of her mother Teopista Nansamba and killed his father John Kyeyune hitting a hoe on his head thinking that he’s the one who killed her because they have for years been fighting over land. They also said the late Nansamba has been fighting to see her son get a piece of land but Kyeyune had rejected but however she suffered and died of High blood pressure and Diabetes. Ntemu Konsose, the chairperson Kiterega LCI said that although the trio had land wrangles, Yesterday Nansamba was seen attending medics to get her Diabetes medicines unfortunately died at night. The Deputy Officer in Charge of Crimmina intelligence and Investigation Department Mubende Police Station, D/ASP Rugubwa Rugyendo Confirmed that Nansamba Died of Diabetes. Police have taken dead bodies to Mubende Regional referral Mortuary for postmortem as they are searching for Deo Kiiza who went into hiding.

Kaweri Coffee plantation victims at a cross roads over G’ovt plants to have an out of court settlement.


Kaweri Coffee plantation victims at a cross roads over G’ovt plants to have an out of court settlement

Government plans to pay off Kaweri Coffee plantation Ltd land evictees in Madudu Sub County Mubende district might delay after victims rejected case withdraw proposal.

Recently government (defendants) through the state minister for Kampala and Mubende district legislator Namugwanya Benny Bugembe said, it was ready to pay those who are ready to withdraw for their written consent to retain their land.

But the plaintiffs backed by Action Aid-Uganda and other human rights Activists that their land was awarded to Neumann Caffe Gruppe to establish a first ever huge coffee plantation in east Africa under Kaweri Coffee Plantation Lmtd, therefore they need restitution for their land as well as compensation loss of income, before the attorney general.

Achialenge Jennifer of Action Aid Uganda while meeting victims said, government should first consider the high court judge Justice Anup Sign Choudry’s verdict which was given in their favor.

Justice Choudry had compelled government to pay over Shs 13 billion in compensation but letter government appealed the verdict and Court of appeal nullified Justice Choudry’s ruling.

Government allocated 11.6 square miles of land at block 99 plot 11 and blocks 99 plot 1 that accommodated 2,041 people of Kiryamakobe, Kijuna, Kitemba and Luwunga Villages to Kaweri Coffee plantation Ltd.

Peter Kayiira Baleke, a resident and also another plaintiff in the law suit said they are not entertaining government proposal for talks, until justice takes its course in the high where the case was ordered for a fresh trial.



The woman that was shot and injured by the Mubende police constables during a land eviction exercise two years ago at Kawaala village, Kitumbi Sub County, in Mubende district is seeking for the force’s redress to help her acquire the necessary medication due to the heavy pains.

Muleka Annett alleges that she was shot by the police in November 2015 during a scuffle between the police and the tenants who were protesting land eviction at kawaala village Kitumbi sub county Mubende district.

She laments ’’I was coming from a burial ceremony heading home thus hearing gunshots  and immediately I realized that I had been hit by a gun shot in my womb and I was bleeding severely “

Muleka was later admitted to Kasanda health center iv for immediate medical attention and it’s here that she was informed by the medical personnel after the operation  that her chances of  being a mother again had been hampered with the  gunshot thus advising her to change her diet that was abit expensive to adhere to minus any external assistance.

Muleka is a mother to three siblings mentions Nakamoga Veronica 7, Ssegujja Lawrence 5, and the little Celestine Nabukenya whom she asserts that can nolonger provide for their needs like education and feeding as the only sole provider they centered on as a result of the reckless police gunshot she circumed to.

Ssensamba Mark 30, the husband to the victim laments that though his wife is in severe abdominal pain and experiences sleepless nights as a result of the gunshot wound she circumed from the police shooting, He, as the household head can no longer take care of her bills and sustenance and is living in a state of hopelessness.

Akiiza Jemus, the brother to the gunshot victim says that they have to spend spend seventy thousand shillings as hospital bills whenever they seek for medical attention yet they are living in a state of fear and intimidation thus calling for the Inspector General Of  Police General Edward Kale Kaihura’s intervention into their matters since they are constantly having threats from Kasanda police department to drop the gunshot charges and follow ups for justice all face detention too thus calling for the IGP’s involvement.




The poor performance in most primary schools in Mubende is attributed to increasing land evictions across the district, according to report released by the district education department. The report indicates that most of the sub counties where illegal evictions featured last year were greatly affected and the district registered many pupils in grade U in those sub counties at Primary level. While releasing the findings at Mubende district headquarters, the district education officer Kayiwa Benson said that sub counties like Kitumbi, Butoloogo, Madudu, Kiganda and Mannyogasseka were greatly affected. Last year a total of 9,169 pupils registered for primary leaving examinations, and only 364 passed in 1st grades and 3,095 in 2nd grades and 1,838 ungraded which constitutes to a percentage of 75.4%. The report however, indicates that 452 pupils didn’t turn up for exams of which the biggest number was from land eviction affected sub counties as mentioned above. “Many parents have faced evictions and they are forced to seek resettlement in distant areas causing many registered pupils failing to sit for the exams in the centres where they were registered to sit for these exams”. Kayiwa said. The worst performing sub county was Kitumbi were over 2000 residents were evicted by Misanga Farm Supplies, the sole proprietorship of Moses Kalangwa. This alone left the sub county with a deduction on school enrollment hence a decline in performance of schools in Kitumbi. The D.E.O Kayiwa Benson said the economic welfare of the parents has also been affected, hence the high rate of school dropout. Speaking to one of Mubende based land activists, Mr. Kayiira Peter Baleke, one of the victims who was evicted from the land on which Kaweeri Coffee Plantation is situated lamented that unless the government wakes up and puts up an injuction on illegal land evictions in Mubende, the academic performance in the district is still a mere talk. He said Madudu alone has most of the villages evictions citing Kitemba Primary School which had 600 pupils who were affected when the eviction took place.

Other problems

Government aided schools in the district have received little funds from the centre despite the increasing enrollment which has caused the teacher to pupil ratio also to shoot up now standing at 2:70 for urban schools and 1:90 for rural schools. Much as teachers have devoted much of their time to teaching as a result of increased inspection by the district education inspectorate, the enrollment is quiet alarming creating a gap of increasing manpower in each class for effectiveness. Among the existing gaps in the education sector in the district is the negligence of parents who subject their children to child labour, not responding to giving them lunch and other scholastic materials, failure to contribute towards school programmes and inadequate structures in schools such as classrooms and toilets. The report further more indicates law capacity of teachers’ knowledge and skills which requires for performance improvement fellowships, teachers and head teachers absenteeism from work and need to intensifies inspection and monitoring at all levels.



Buganda Land Board disagrees with central government in Buwekula County over land ownership.

Buganda Land Board disagrees with central government in Buwekula County over land ownership.

Misunderstandings have ensued between the Buganda government administration officials in Kitenga Sub County and the local government workers in the same sub county over the ownership of the land housing the sub county administrative block, which Buganda Land Board accuses central government of setting up projects without notifying Nnamulondo Investments, Buganda’s official estates managers.


Following setting up different agricultural projects in which the sub county official had started up mother gardens, Buganda Land Board officials decided forcefully evade the projects without notifying the sub county which prompted Mubende district resident Commissioner Florence Beyunga and district officials led by the district vice chairperson Edward Zziwa Birungi Amooti sermon an urgent meeting to reach a consensus with officials from both governments.


The sub county chairperson Edward Ggamba revealed that the  sub county council had passed a resolution granting the deployment of security personnel  to clear the coffee mother garden, which was fenced by Buganda Land Board. He said that this mother garden had contributed much towards agriculture, as it served a national grid for demonstration activities to farmers from different agricultural institutions across the country.


“Many farmers in Mubende have resorted to coffee farming which is gaining vacuum on the market and this is why Kitenga Sub County resolved to have a biggest mother garden in county so as to help farmers acquire better coffee seeds and skills and knowledge on how to curry on coffee plating business” Ggamba said.

The Kabaka Sub county chief Mutuba-gumu Kamya Musa Busulwa told the meeting that they have always gone parallel with central government over the administration of Kingdom land in Buwekula County.

Referring to the land act of 2005, the district vice chairperson who doubles as the secretary for production and natural resources at Mubende district local government Edward Zziwa Birungi Amooti said, if Buganda Land Board is in search for a developer, it should consider the sub county officials to be the fast priority; who are currently occupying the land.

More Pressure mounts on the Mubende District Land Board.

More Pressure mounts on the Mubende District Land Board.

Over 10,000 residents from seven villages in Mubende district have accused Mubende District Land Board Secretary Ssempala Emmanuel of conniving with a tycoon to maneuver them from their land, which amounts to two and a half squire miles in Kiganda Sub County.

The embattled land is located on block 431 plot 47/46 of 600, 3940 hectares with villages of Lwentuwa LCI, Kamusenene LCI, Nkokoma LCI, Kilewe LCI, Musozi LCI, and Kotayiza LCI B, all in Kamusenene Parish Kiganda Sub County.

During convocation with Mubende District Resident Commissioner Beyunga Florence Tumuhairwe following a one week ultimatum, with fear these angry residents told the RDC that they have occupied the public land for 70 years.

“No sooner had they started a process to secure the land title than a non resident Stella Kakuba, illegally secured it from Mubende District Land Board on 17th December 2016 and later on 14th December 2016 sold it to Francis  Ndizeye at Ushs 600 millions” They narrated.

They said, they neither plant food or cash crops nor do they take their children to school in fear of being evicted anytime and now they are now asking for the cancellation of this land title and an overhaul of the entire District Land Board and have it audited, to get rid of corrupt officials.

Emmanuel Ssempala, The Secretary Mubende District Land Board admitted that it is true there were anomalies in which Stella Kakuba acquire the land title, and promised to cancel it.

The chairperson Kitayiza LCI B whose signature appeared on Kakuba’s application for the title denied the allegations adding that this was a forged signature.

He said, he was not the chairperson by the time Kakuba acquired the land title, and at this point Hajji Kaggwa Kamadi the chairperson, Kiganda Sub County Land Board vowed to challenge this title the District Land Board fails to re-call it for audit.

However, he issued an order suspending this land title and investigations take immediate effect, and assured residents to be given the first priority to have ownership over this land.